Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tag,you're it!

5 Best Nights

Ok these are not all nights so I did my 5 best days/nights. Thanks to Michelle for the tag!

Night #1: Christmas day/evening~Adam proposed to me on Christmas morning and we spent the whole day together. I looked at my ring constantly,I couldn't believe I was engaged.

Night #2: The birth days of my 3 children. I've been very blessed to have healthy babies with no major complications.

Night #3: Our first night in Hawaii. We arrived at the hotel around 10:00 and we went out onto the balcony as soon as we got in our room. It was a gorgeous view and we couldn't believe we were actually there!

Night #4: The night of my 30th birthday party. My SIL planned the whole event and made me a scrapbook and gave me a poster size frame with a bunch of my temple sealing pictures in it. I had so much fun and I appreciate all of the hard work she put into the party. Thanks Karla,love ya! Take luck! ;)

Night #5: The day my hubby came home from California. He had been gone for 6 weeks and the kids and I were so excited to have him home!

Ok, the 5 people I'm going to tag to do this are: Karla, Lorie, Dawn, Sarah, and Rachel.

2 people love me:

Dawn said...

Those all sound like great days/nights! I'll do this this afternoon when I'm done hsling Jakey! :)

Michelle said...

Fun nights! I might have killed over if I had to go through your #5. You're amazing!