Thursday, August 6, 2009


~Adam is officially a college student! Classes start in a week and a half and he will graduate in three years. The great news is that Adam will receive a lot of financial aid. That's a big relief!

~After talking to my agent,I found out that there are 10 offers on the home and that includes our offer. Supposedly we are one of the better offers but at this point,we are still waiting..

~Camden has not been feeling well the past few days and he is ORNERY! To make matters worse,the kids keep bothering him and making him freak out. Camden had a horrible night and was up every hour and a half. :(

UPDATE on the Update: After taking Camden to the doctor today,I found out he has the coxsackie virus A.K.A. hand,foot and mouth disease. The poor little guy has sores all over in his mouth. The sad part is that there is nothing I can give him,we just have to wait it out. He will be contagious until the sores are gone which could be another 5-7 days. I had scheduled gym appointments for today and tomorrow so it figures someone would get sick. Every time I make an appointment for the gym,someone gets sick or something comes up that makes me have to cancel. The same thing always happens to Karla as well. She told me today,"Maybe Heavenly Father wants us to be chubby." ;)

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nora.lakehurst said...

1. YAY!!!
2. Talk about annoying
3. Poor little man. Give him a big ol hug from me.

Dave said...

i remember going back to school. I'm glad i did it when we had only 1 kid. Good luck!!

Corilee said...

That's so funny about Adam going back to school. I had just a week or so been thinking how good it would be if he could go back and get a degree in computer science or some field where he would enjoy the work more. Congrats!!!!

Waiting for the outcome on your offer can be madening. Hope it works out for you.

Freaking out kids freak out their mothers, doesn't it. Maybe it was just him being sick that made him have such a bad night. This too will pass.

Nancy Face said...

Hooray for college financial aid! I hope you get the house! :)

Hand, foot and mouth disease? Poor Camden! :(