Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

Yep, I'm finally posting about mom's day...almost a week late. My computer has decided to mess with me and only boots up sporadically now. One of the drives is really fried..if I've lost the pictures on it,there will be tears.

I had a nice day and I got some really cute presents from my kids...

From Josh - a coupon book for various chores..and a hug. :)

 From Brianna - beautiful tulips with a sweet note written on the back of the butterfly card. :)

From Brady -this adorable sign. Brady made sure that I knew that the cupcake was representing the "o" in Mom..he "didn't spell it wrong!" Love that kid.

Adam tried to pull the "you're not MY mom" speech as a "joke". NO. If looks could kill,he would be dead, buried, dug up, kicked in his happy place, killed again and re-buried with those creepy crawlies from the Mummy.

It's always good when I get to celebrate the special person my mom is and spend time with my fam. My sister bought a digital picture frame and we all uploaded almost 400 photos on it. It was fun to look at it and joke around about our awesome clothes and hair-do's (and many DONT'S) back in the day. My mom made the comment that I was "so photogenic". Ironically a few pics later, a terrifying sight showed up in the frame. It was possibly the worst picture I've ever seen of myself in my entire 34 years of age. I vow to be sneaky and delete that picture one day..mark my words.

On Monday night,we visited my MIL. Then we went out to dinner with her and my FIL,plus my SIL-Michelle,her hubby-Steve and their kids.  It was chaotic and noisy and way it's Denny's where the food is good and kids eat free. :)

I hope you all had a fabulous day as well!

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Nancy Face said...

There is really nothing sweeter than handmade gifts from the kids! I have kept mine for years and years, while the fancy store bought cards end up in the garbage!