Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Camden's b-day

I'm a slacker. This birthday post is a week late. but I hope all of the cute pics make up for it.

This little dude turned five last week. five. years. old.

He is now ready for kindergarten. When did that happen?

I remember when he was born. The last month of my pregnancy was difficult. I was short of breath and it felt like there was 5 babies in my body, squishing and jumping on everything.

Then he was born and the nurse announced that he weighed 9 pounds. Everything made sense..he was a big boy.


He was my chunky monkey. All squishy cheeks and rolls.


 He and Brayden were little buddies. And they still are..most of the time.

He has a cute face. which makes it difficult for me to stay mad at him. but he tries really hard to make me mad, so "A" for effort.

He is adventurous. stubborn. loveable.

He gives ginormous bear hugs and sweet kisses without me having to ask for them.

He loves babies and always watches out for his baby sister. She is going to miss him when he starts school.


     I cannot express how much I love this guy!


5 people love me:

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Birthday to hiiiiim!

nora.lakehurst said...

I love him. He is a cute little man. He has also been a very sweet baby and very loving.

Jenn said...

Tell that cute boy I am SOOOO sorry I didn't call him on his birthday. With how crazy things have been lately, I completely spaced it! We'll make sure to make a great card for his family bday party! Tell him I love him!!!

Nancy Face said...

Your little guy is so cute! So he weighed 9 pounds at birth? OUCH!

My youngest brother weighed 10 lbs 9 ounces. My older brothers and I made up a song about him, called "The Giant Baby!"

BP Merewether said...

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