Thursday, September 30, 2010

You know the saying...

..."Don't cry over spilt milk?"

Where does that expression come from?

If it was a delicious pepsi that was spilt,I could weep buckets...but milk? Not so much.

Does anyone really *cry* over spilt milk? (besides the occasional kid)

Wouldn't you be more irritated than sad if it happened?

Well,this morning I got the chance to see what my reaction to spilt milk would be. One of the kids cracked the milk jug last night,so I had to pour it all in a pitcher. Then today,I made the mistake of forgetting to lock the fridge. I had just wandered into the family room when I heard the sound of a pitcher falling to the floor and Camden shouting,"Oh noes!"

Did I cry?

Did I have the immediate thought to weep?

Was my first reaction a few choice words?


Well,at least I have a clean kitchen floor now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cute lil' Savvy!

Good and Not-So-Good

Good -
~It's Friday and the premiere of Supernatural is on tonight!
~The weather is supposed to be beautiful and sunny for the next week.
~It's almost time to decorate for Halloween.
~I have 5 healthy kids.

Not So Good -
~Adam is going out of town soon for 2 weeks. :( :(
~I've gained back 3 lbs. :(

At least the good outweighs the bad. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Stitches (Pics included)

I planned to take the kids to Arctic Circle last night but instead I had to take Camden to the Instacare. His finger was slammed in the front door. It was a pretty nasty cut,the finger just popped open. The nail is black and his finger is so bruised and swollen. Camden was so brave but it was hard hearing him scream when they gave him the shot to numb his finger. :( I would have gladly taken the pain for him.

Before pic...

Getting sewn up and cuddling with his blankey...I'm so glad I brought it with us.

After pic from this morning.

Much thanks to my MIL who took care of Savannah and to my FIL who took the 3 older kids to Arctic Circle. :)