Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that I've only thrown up once so far during this pregnancy.

I'm thankful for my SIL who came over yesterday and cleaned up my house.

I'm thankful for my kids' hugs and kisses and for their sweet comments. Last night Josh said "you are the best mommy in the whole world" and it made my night. :D

I'm thankful for my hubby and all he does to support our family.

I'm thankful that Supernatural is on tonight! :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: breakfast burritos

Tuesday: tacos

Wednesday: pasta and cheese toast

Thursday: tomato soup and sandwiches

Friday: chicken and rice

Sunday, October 21, 2007

7 weeks..

Well I am almost halfway to the point in my pregnancy where I start feeling better. Hopefully the holidays will make time seem faster because it's only been 3 weeks and I've had enough of this feeling. Blah!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yay I won!

Natalie rewarded me with this sweet treat. Thanks so much!

Friday's Feast

If you were a dog, what breed would you be, and why?
~A golden retriever..just because.

What does the color purple make you think of?
~Fun because it's my fave color.

Approximately how long does it take you to get ready each morning?
~30-40 minutes normally. right now it takes a few hours to get going because of the morning sickness.

Main Course
How many cousins do you have, and are you close to them?
~Sixty-one first cousins...if you count second and third it's over two hundred. I'm not really close to any of them. I visit with them at family events,but there aren't any I hang out with who are like friends. Sad I know.

Take your initials (first, middle, last) and come up with something else those letters could stand for. (Example: SFO = Sweet Funny Otter)
~SDS = Serene Dolphins Soar

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

My thirteen favorite movies.

1.While You Were Sleeping-I love Sandra Bullock and the supporting actors were all hilarious!

2. Steel Magnolias-my first ever chick flick. I saw it with my mom,sisters and aunt and we all bawled. Good times.

3.Legally Blonde-No matter how many times I have seen this,every time it is on tv I stop and watch it. A fun "not just a dumb blond" movie.

4.National Treasure-I was not interested in seeing this movie and my hubby kept telling me "watch it,you will like it". Well,he was right!(for the first and last time)*wink,wink*

5.X-Men movies-I love movies with a little bit of everything in them..not to mention Hugh Jackman. ;)

6.Transformers-Another movie with a little of everything in it. Just an enjoyable movie!

7.Miss Congeniality 1 and 2.

8.Return to Me-Such a sweet show and I loved the supporting cast.

9.Rush Hour 1 and 2.

10.Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights.

11.Pirates of the Carribbean-the original was the best.

12.Casino Royale-the first James Bond I really enjoyed.

13.A tie between Hitch and Spider-Man.

Yes I'm aware that there is more than 13 movies here but it was hard to choose..and it's my blog and I'll choose what I want! :P

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zoo day!

So Friday my SIL and I took the kids to the zoo and we had a great time! The weather was was overcast and cool so we were comfortable. The kids were fascinated by how much poop the elephants made. I'm glad they were educated on something of great importance.

Brayden saying "cha choo!"

Riding on the train.

Josh and Brady on the elephant's trunk. Periodically water sprayed out of it's nose and the kids thought it was hilarious.

Mama and baby.

"Ghost of the Bayou"

The kids pretending to be attacked by an alligator.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Now this guy is a winner...or should I say wiener?

So a man was pushing his baby in a stoller the other night and didn't notice until he got home that the baby was missing. (On a personal note,I cannot count the number of times I have returned home to find my baby missing...maybe that's just me) Of course it probably wouldn't have happened if the guy wasn't drunk. Now this guy had been drunk since Monday...two whole days! Luckily a woman heard the baby's cries and found it,thank goodness. To read the full story click here.


I've been reading some discussions about Sister Beck's talk in General Conference and all I can say is whoa! There are some very strong opinions on it. I didn't hear the talk so until I do I can't give an opinion. Go here and there to see the discussions.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

She's a Lady

So my kids were drawing masterpieces the other day. They come over to show off their work and here is our conversation..

Josh: "Hey mom check out my calendar,I drew pictures of every holiday!"

Me: "Wow,that looks great! way to go dude!"

Brianna: "look at my Halloween pictures mom!"

Me: "Dude,those look great! Good job!"

Brianna: "Uh,mom? I'm not a dude,I'm a lady ok?"

Me: "Oh I'm sorry,I was mistaken."

Brianna: "That's ok,accidents happen"

I was put in my place by my three year old. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

C'mon everyone is doing it..

You Could Be a Vampire... If You Had To

Like most people, the thought of being a vampire has crossed your mind. But you're not sure if you'd do it, even if you could.
Living forever doesn't sound half bad, if you could live forever with the people you love the most.
But do vampires even love? And would the vampire version of you even be you?
It's all too much to contemplate. Luckily, the chances of you ever becoming a vampire are astronomically low.

What you would like best about being a vampire: Living forever

What you would like least about being a vampire: Blood stained teeth

I got this from Carronin's blog.

The joys of morning sickness

Everytime I'm pregnant I get horrible morning sickness. I've been through this seven times now. Right now I'm trying the B6 and half a unisom combo to see if it helps. Did any of you have morning sickness? If so was there anything that worked for you that you would recommend?

Saturday, October 6, 2007


The cravings have already started. When I have morning sickness,almost nothing sounds appetizing to me. So when I want something I do all that I can to get it. Right now I'm craving fried rice but I don't want to take all of the kids out. I'm impatiently waiting for Adam to return home from Priesthood meeting so I can leave. *tick tock*

Excuse me while I scream..

My kids have been driving me insane today! If you see a news report tonight about a crazed mom on a rampage you can say,"hey,I know her!"

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday's Feast

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?
~Around an 8..I enjoy every birthday I get.

What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?
~I can't think of any word that has really kept me up at night. ;)

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?
~Yes,always! My current pair are black ones I got at Wal-mart.

Main Course
If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?
~It depends on the subject of the book. More than likely it would be family.

Name a beverage that you enjoy.
~Diet Dr. Pepper

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why did the dolphin cross the road?

EDIT: Here is a picture of the culprit. In real life he is much bigger.

So I'm driving down the street minding my own business when I notice the cars ahead are slowing down. As I get closer I realize a dolphin is in the middle of the road. Ok I don't know about you all,but I can't count the number of times I've seen dolphins jaywalking on the street over here. Where are the police when you need them? After I went by I looked in my rear view mirror and that dolphin was right in front of this truck,doing flips and acting all cocky and daredevil-ish. This has gotta stop people! I tried to get a picture but the dolphin was too elusive. I will be sure to keep my eyes open today.

The Wait is Over!

Tonight is the season premiere of Supernatural! Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why wasn't I informed??

So apparently Santa and my little penquin buddy have become appropriate Halloween decor. Why oh why was I not told?

I feel like the perfect fool.

My little helper

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Works for me Wednesday-Backwards day

So this week Shannon decided to do something different. Instead of offering a tip,you ask for one. So here is mine:

How do you take care of paper clutter? Things like bills,mortgage statements,etc. How often do you go through them and throw them out? I have a filing cabinet but it has become a mess of papers.

Wordless Wednesday

Biggest Loser Update 2

Well now that I am pregnant,I can't lose weight. I am still going to watch my calories and try to maintain my weight for awhile. I have lost of total of 8 lbs. in the last 2 weeks! Yay!

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

Candy Corn

Well so much for boring...

My kids were playing outside when suddenly I hear both of them bawling. I rush out there to retrieve the limbs which I'm sure have been removed by the way they are freaking out. Josh is on the ground and Brianna is on the playset. Apparently Bri's arm got caught and she couldn't get it out. Josh tried to pull it out and while he did remove it,he fell and hit his butt on the rungs on the way to the ground. I've never seen such dramatics over owies. I'm glad they are both going to make it.


I really wish I was a creative soul. My blog is so drab it's putting me to sleep. I'm in a blogging funk and I can't snap out of it.

T-Mobile myFaves Secret Lovers Commercial

Monday, October 1, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

This week I'm going to have a very simple meal plan since my hubby won't be home for dinner much.

Monday~Fish and fries

Tuesday~Tomato soup and grilled cheese

Wednesday~Spaghetti and cheese toast

Thursday~Breakfast burritos

Friday~Goulash and chips

Head over to The Organizing Junkie to see more dinner ideas.