Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my 4 year blogiversary! *confetti*

So many things have changed since I started this blog.

I've had 2 more kids.

Josh and Brianna started school.

Adam went back to school and is working on getting his bachelor's degree (and he only has 14 months left!)

Adam has changed jobs.

We moved out of my IL's...then back in again.

I've lost weight..then gained it back...then lost it...and gained it back again. *sigh*

There have been many difficult times but there have also been some prime blessings in my life and I'm grateful for that.

Here is a funny comment from Josh...
"You know mom,when you make me do homework and all of this stuff..I cry a little."

He cracks me up!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures at the local Wallymart

I'm a night shopper. I prefer to go to the store when Adam is home so he can take care of the kids. It's so nice to be able to take my time and not worry about meltdowns because of the word "no".

Yesterday I made the mistake of going to the store at 5:30. There was a general ornery vibe because of the hungries and grumpies....and the kids were worse.

Josh was mad because "Money is stupid and he just wants a Nintendo DS!!"

Brianna was running with the cart and then jumping on it.

Brayden was picking up boxes of treats and saying, "pleasepleasepleaseplease!"

Camden was opening a box of candy because "it's too long to wait!"

Savannah...was just chillin'.

After a few detours, we made it to the checkout. Brianna was helpful and cooperative while Josh and Brady played with a closed cash register. I called them back over to help out(this might have sounded like yelling and there *may* have been threats involved) and they started putting the bags in the cart. After I paid for my items I noticed that Camden was no longer in the cart. I started searching frantically,while images of Camden being kidnapped went through my head. Just as I was about to tell the cashier what had happened,I looked over and saw Camden sitting at a table at the Subway. Apparently he was hungry and it looked like the perfect place to eat dinner.

I vowed to never again take the kids shopping with me...until the next time my brain short circuits and I think,"it's just a quick trip,I'm sure it will be fine."

Friday, March 4, 2011

For all of the parents-to-be out there..

These are pictures from the book,"Safe Baby Handling Tips". It's just a joke,meant to cause people to pee their pants with laughter. I know that I was in hysterics the first time I saw these. :)

Go here for funnies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is anybody out there?

It's been awhile since I posted. I'm sure I've lost my modest fan base of 5 by now. ;)

~It's the first day of March! I am SO ready for spring!!! Today was a beautiful sunny day and it was awesome. I love this time of year and I'll be glad to say goodbye to the snow and gloomy days!

~Adam is still searching for a different job. There are a few openings that he is going to apply for this week.

~I'm still searching for apartments. No luck yet..I don't think we will find a place until Adam has a higher income.

~Adam is still in school. Only 14 months left! Double woot!

~I still spend a lot of time on the computer but now I look for job and apt. listings instead of blogging. (obviously)

~Savvy is growing so fast! Milestone wise she is doing awesome! She is moving all over the place. She is very close to crawling and she is sleeping much better. Size-wise,she is still a little moppet. She is 7 months old and weighs between 12 and 13 lbs. She is still wearing the clothes she wore when she was a newborn. She is healthy though and that's what counts!

~Camden is a 2 year old to the max lately. He is exercising his creativity by coloring on everything but paper. (that's so passe') He also comes up with ingenious ways to get the things he wants. (he got stuck in our washer once trying to get "cleamers") He is such a sweet guy that it's hard to stay mad at him. (Especially when he says, "I love you mommy")

~Brayden is starting school in the fall! EEK! When did that happen? I will have 3 in school now. He is excited to get a backpack but I think he could do without the rest. Him and Camden are such good buddies,they really take care of each other.

~Brianna is still loving school. She cried last week when she had to miss a few days. She ended up getting a reading award when she went back yesterday and that cheered her up a lot. She and I and Savvy had a girl's day and saw Tangled. Brianna loved it! I'll give you 3 guesses as to what she wants for her birthday party theme. ;) She is way excited for her 7th birthday this month and Tangled comes out around the same time. Talk about awesome!

~Josh is the opposite..he still has a bad attitude about school. This has been a good week so far but they are rare. He is in a play next week and he is nervous about it. He is playing the sheep in Charlotte's Web and he has watched the movie twice since we got it last night. For his 9th birthday he had a small Phineas and Ferb themed party with a few friends and cousins. He likes the fact that we haven't moved yet because he doesn't want to leave his best friend,Austin.

Well,I think that's all for now. Consider yourself updated!