Thursday, July 31, 2008


We found out tonight that we didn't get the house. :( We were all a little disappointed but at least we have some more options. In fact we are going to look at 3 more places on Saturday. One of the homes is in Saratoga Springs,the other two are in the Ranches. It would be nice to get the home in Saratoga Springs because Josh would still be able to attend the same school that he did last year. So I guess we will see what happens on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House hunting..

On Saturday we looked at 7 houses. We narrowed it down to our top 3 choices and we decided to put in an offer on our favorite. It is a 5 bedroom,3 and 1/2 bath with a finished basement. It has a lot of storage and closet space and the bedrooms are large. Yesterday my BIL (who is a general contractor) inspected the house and he said it is in great shape. So last night we signed the paperwork and it was handed over to the seller's agent. It is a short sale which will be a hassle,but if we get this house it would be worth it. It's such a great price that we just couldn't pass it up. We really love this house so if you all could keep us in your thoughts and prayers that would be great! :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Be careful what you wish for..

I haven't had much to blog about lately,but that all changed this week.

Some of you may have noticed the band aid on Brianna's forehead in the zoo pictures. Well on Monday night I had to take her to the Instacare to get stitches. She and Josh were playing outside and Josh threw a rock in the air which landed on her forehead. She came in crying with blood running down her face. Josh freaked out and screamed "It was an accident,I didn't mean to!!" over and over. Brayden stared in concern and Camden was screaming his head off in the swing. Adam came home about 5 minutes later to pandemonium. I got off easy taking Bri to the doctor while Adam was left with the boys. Brianna did so great,she hardly cried at all. We stopped and got dinner on the way home since she and I didn't get to eat. There must be something about Mondays and stitches because there were 2 other people with lacerations at the Instacare. Also two of my nieces and nephews got stitches on a Monday as well.

Now on to happier news. We are house hunting this weekend! We were approved for a home loan so we can start shopping around. It will be so great to have our own place again! YAY! :D

Kangaroo Zoo!

I took the kids yesterday and they had lots of fun. Camden was not impressed and he slept the whole time. Brayden played a little bit but then he found the drinking fountains. I'm glad I paid $5 so he could play with water. :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At last!

Tonight I have an interview with the Stake President to get my temple recommend renewed. It expired over 2 years ago and I had some things I had to do before I could get it renewed. It will so be so nice to have a recommend again and be able to attend the temple. I'm also excited because I'll be able to attend my nephew's wedding next week. He's marrying the sweetest girl and she is Josh's new best friend. If you are reading this,hi Ailinh! I'll see you on Saturday! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Woo to the hoo!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello again!

I have some time before another kid related "crisis" comes up so I decided to post. All is going well with me. I am settling into a routine and quickly remembering how much your time is limited with a newborn. I have no more baby blues and my swelling is gone. I weigh 20 pounds less than I did when I was pregnant and I'm working on losing more.

Camden is doing great,he weighs 10 pounds now. He is a great eater and sleeper. He cat naps during the day mostly but he sleeps long stretches at night. Last week he slept 6-7 hours almost every night! It was sooo nice! :)

The kids are doing great with him even though they "love" him a little too much sometimes. Brady has a few jealous moments with me but he has a lot with his daddy. If I try to hand Camden to Adam or if Adam holds the other kids,Brady freaks out. That is HIS daddy and no one can tell him different. ;)

Brady kept getting front of the camera saying,"cheese!"