Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's about that time...

I've decided to wean Brayden. He has gotten in the habit of nursing to sleep and now he can't soothe himself when he wakes at night. He was trying to nurse before dinner last night and I kept putting him down on the floor. So he walked over to the couch,picked up the boppy and brought to me, saying "eh?" LOL It was the cutest thing! So I caved and nursed him a little.

Anyway last night I started the routine of bath,story,song,lovey and good night. He cried for about 40 minutes before he fell asleep. I went in after 5 minutes,then 10 and so on. The problem is he wakes up around 11:30 every night without fail. After I'm asleep it's so hard not to give in and nurse him. I hate listening to him cry and I'm so tired I just want to put him in my bed. I need to get him sleeping better because Adam and I are going on a trip next month and I want him to sleep good for my sister. *sigh* I've just got to be strong! ;-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm all alone...there's no one beside me

Once again Adam is out of town. He left yesterday and this time he will be gone through the weekend,so he won't be here for Father's Day. : - ( Adam asked our BIL when he could get soem time off and he said,"maybe in August" It's great that they have work but I miss seeing my hubby and so do my kids. It doesn't help that I am sick right now. I woke up feeling awful yesterday. My throat hurt,my body ached and I had chills and a fever. My wonderful,awesome SIL came over last night and cleaned up my house and took care of my kids. She is always helping me out and I appreciate it so much. I'm feeling better today but last night was a long one. My kids woke up a lot and they all ended up in my bed. I was hot,then cold and I couldn't get comfortable because I was achy. I finally just got up at 7:00 after waking up about 8 times. Brady got up at the same time I did so he is napping right now. He has been a stink about taking naps unless he takes them in my bed. At this point I don't care,I just want him to sleep. So I put my big pillows on both sides of him,turn on the monitor and check in on him. He knows how to slide off my bed so that helps. Anyway this is turning into another "woe is me" post so I'm gonna go and get something to eat.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fatty McFat-fat

So after many weeks my SIL and I finally were able to get reservations at the Gold's gym day care. We went yesterday and we are going today,then we can't get in until next Monday. It's been frustrating because I really want to work out 5 days a week. When my SIL and I first joined the gym 2 years ago,we were able to get in all 5 days of the week. We did this for 3 months straight and then I got pregnant with Brayden and I was too sick to go. I've gone sporadically since he was born,but lately it's hard to get reservations. I'm one of those people who likes to go earlier in the day. I can't go at night because Adam works late or is out of town and I'm so worn out by the end of the day I know I would talk myself out of it. I'm making a goal of being halfway to my target weight by December. I'm just so tired of being overweight and having no energy to play with my kids. Going to the gym makes me so self-concious because of the fit people there. I would like to have some cute work-out gear but all the pants fit so tight on me you can play "connect the cellulite bumps" on my butt and thighs. It's pretty sad when you can't find any pants that are loose on you. : - ( I've read these inspiring stories of people who have lost 100 lbs and I think,"if they can do it,I can do it." Wouldn't it be nice to snap your fingers and be fit? ; - )