Thursday, July 21, 2011

The latest hip-happenings!

For those of you out there who have been wondering when I would update...tonight is your lucky night!

~First of all,the big news....We have FINALLY found a place to rent! YAY! It happened very quickly. We looked at the place on Monday and the landlord called us the next day and said, "I called your references and they all love you. The place is yours if you want it." Uh..ok! It's a 3 bedroom,2 bath duplex. Split level with 2 family rooms, (big plus!!) and it's right by the elementary school and a park. While I am nervous about the financial aspect of it,I am thrilled to have my own place again! I'm sure my IL's will be happy to have their house all to themselves again. They were very generous to let us move in,even though they had to put up with all of the noise from the kids,yelling from me and Adam swearing at his computer during their prayers. (not on purpose or anything,it was a coincidence)

~Camden is potty trained! I still can't believe how easy it was to train him. It took less than a week. He is doing so awesome,I'm proud of the little guy!

~My sweet baby girl turned 1 year old on Tuesday! REALLY? That year went by crazy fast! Savvy Gracie is my little princess. She is standing by herself and waving while saying "buh". Pretty much one of the cutest sights ever. She loves to empty anything and everything. Clothes don't *really* need to be in the baskets...her diapers don't *need* to be in a box. She is just freeing them.

It's been a very quiet summer. I have been lazy mom and I haven't done much with the kids. I think a visit to the splash pads is in order and in between I'll be packing and de-junking. :)