Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kids and scissors...just say NO!

Apparently Brianna thought her hair cut needed some layers. This the hair I found all around her chair.

I'm glad I got her pictures done last week!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man I hate that! My daughter was that age when she gave her curls a more BEATLES look.... ugh!

The Gordons said...

awww... I'm there with you! So sorry!

Jean Knee said...

the layered look is really in right now

Jen said...

UGH! My Joyanna just did that too! She had two pig tails and she chopped one in two spots. Luckily we were able to save her length, but yeah, she's a layered girl now too.
Your daughter's hair looks cute.


That happened at my house too!!

Only it was my Papi trying to even out his haircut and he just gave up and shaved himself bald.

He looked like a brown canteloupe for a month until it grew back.