Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm so over winter..bring on the spring!

~Is anyone else ready for spring weather? I'm tired of being cold and I'm tired of sickies. I finally get over morning sickness only to get sick. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks now. I went into the doctor last Friday and I have strep. The antibiotics have made a huge difference though,I feel so much better. Unfortunately my house is like a war zone now.

~Adam is working with his brother again. It looks like there will be enough work for awhile,so that is great news. One of the guys in Adam's class said that the company he works for is hiring right now so Adam is going to apply there. We are going to start looking for another car too. With Adam going to work all day and then school 4 nights a week,we need another car for him.

~My pregnancy is going great. I am 18 weeks along now,so my ultrasound is in 2 weeks! The kids are so excited,they can't wait to see the baby on the screen. My due date is still July 26th.

~We are going to get Josh baptized next month. He's warmed up to the idea a little more and he is excited to be in scouts now.

~Brianna is still loving school and church. When she has to miss either one,she is so sad she cries. She loves reading with Grandpa every night too.

~Brady is my computer guy. He always wants to play PBS kids or watch movies. He takes great care of Camden and always says "Camden is the cutest brother ever!"

~Camden is growing up too fast. He says so many things now,like "pease"(please),"baff" (bath)and "oh,man!". He likes to imitate his siblings which is good and bad. He's received a lot of owies as a result of imitating their stunts.

Well that's about all for now. I'll be able to blog about my ultrasound in a few weeks though! :)

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S said...

I am a virgin at Stace's place! It feels so sneaky and fresh!

Awe you made me wish I was pregnant for a split second. Whew I am over it now:)

Well lets start the bring on SPRING dance!

Oh and YAY for work!!!!

Kimberly said...

Aw, I wanna hear Camden speak! Eli says meemee(milk), cheese, baby, daw (dog), ball, gampa (grandpa) and (!!) points to pictures of Jesus and says "jeessus' <3 <3

Kimberly said...

Oh, and he also thinks that mom and dad are one, as he usually says "mamadada" hehe :). This only started after I said "mama and dada"

Janelle said...

Yay for antibiotics! lol. Here's a tip I picked up recently (cause I can't think of anything MORE personal to mention here) but if the antibiotics give you a yeast infection (they often do to me) then take a bath and add about a cup of white vinegar. I was just on three super-mega antibiotics and when i could tell a y.i. was starting I tried out the vinegar bath a few times and it totally went away! (And vinegar is TONS cheaper than the meds too, lol)

Glad you're feeling better! Good luck with that pesky house thing :P

nora.lakehurst said...

Aw Camdie cant be talking. NO NO NO I wont except it. JK No I am glad you finally posted. And I am glad you listened to me or the other person and went in. You sounded horrible. But anyways totally excited to hear about your baby SGS ;) YOu know what it means or what the name means. OK LOVE YA!!!

ems said...

What cute little kidlets! I am so glad Joshie decided to be baptized, what a bagel! Good luck with the house situation. it is a never ending battle isn't it? Thanks for the update. it was good to hear what's going on.

Jenn said...

I'm glad you are posting again! I loved the update, and I'm so glad as well that Joshy is going to be baptized! We told him we would get him a present when he got baptized, so let him know we won't forget. Do you have the date yet? Yeah!!! You'll definitely see tears from Aunt Jenn!

Flee said...

Holy crud! 18 weeks already! that's awesome! I didn't realize we were that close together. And I love that Camden say's "Oh Man!" That totally sounds like something you would say. What cute kids!

Pops said...

Emilee got the kidlets thing right on! I love to see Grandpa read to Brianna and Braydon.

I'm so glad you are over the morning sickness. And glad Adam's working when he can.


Pops said...

I don't know WHY my comments are coming up as Pops. But I'm definately not Pops. Moms maybe but not Pops.

Klin said...

Uhm, hi there. I got some dumb sicky stuff that has made life very hard. We had an audit at work so I couldn't stay home and get better. After two weeks of working with it I finally slept for 2 days.

I need to see you. Preferably before Eclipse. Let me know if you get a free moment.