Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Fun!

This year I *finally* remembered to buy an egg coloring kit for the kids. It's pretty basic but it made them happy and that's what counts. :)

Last Friday night there was an egg hunt and bar-b-q at my IL's house. It was a lot of fun but the best part about it is the kids' excitement.

All of the kids waiting to go a'hunting.

The kids with their goodies

Camden cheesing for the camera

On Saturday afternoon we went to another egg hunt at my parents house. My sister brings each kid a goody bag with little toys and trinkets. Then she hides colored eggs filled with candy and gold and silver ones filled with money. Each kid gets 4 colored eggs and a gold or silver one. This year she hid a note in one of the eggs and the kid who found it won a grand prize. Well,Camden was the lucky winner! It was a Hip Hop bunny who does a little dance. The kids played with it over and over so I had to banish the bunny to their room...for mommy's sanity.

Josh with a few of his cousins

Brianna with her cousin Sophie

Brady and Camdy watching conference

Josh with his loot


Here are the kids' buckets from the Easter bunny. They each got a magna doodle,a book and a chocolate bunny.

On Sunday morning Josh got to go to Conference with his Aunt Jan. He had so much fun and he was very well-behaved. It was such a great experience for him and I'm happy he got to go. I'm really proud of the effort that he has made lately to behave and be nice to his siblings.

Josh with his Aunt Janice

It was a great Easter/Conference weekend! :)

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Annie Cristina said...

Great pictures! :D Sorry I've been such a bad bloggy friend, Stacey. *hangs head* I promise to be better!

Janelle said...

I remembered to buy an egg coloring kit too. I still can't find it! LOL. I ended up pouring water and vinegar into cups and adding the last of the food coloring I could find. Mommy fail! It worked fine at least.

Ailinh Harris said...

You have the cutest kids. Yay for easter goodies and conference! Good post.

Corilee said...

The kids must LOVE Easter. TWO places to get candy! I hope they don't get sick. They must have been hyper for hours. :)

Steve and Chelle said...

I'm so glad Joshie got to go to conference! Thats so great. I can't believe Jenni is going to be old enough to go next year!! ACK!!!

It sounds like Joshie is really enjoying being baptized! Good for him!! Tell him to keep up the good work from chelle and steve!

Super Happy Girl said...

Aw man. Can I please use a time machine and make my kids that little again?
Look how cute your are!