Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween activities!

The kids and I made cookies this year. I bought a bucket of Halloween cookie cutters,frosting,decorating gel and sprinkles. Josh narrated the whole time,pretending he was hosting a cooking show. ( I think I've been watching the Food Network too much lately)
Although being a chef is one of the jobs he wants to have when he grows up,so I guess it's good practice.

Someone REALLY didn't want us to make cookies. Thankfully she calmed down between the baking phase and the decorating phase.

On Friday there was a costume parade at the kids' school,followed by class parties. The weather was just perfect! Brady was very sad that we had to leave and couldn't stay for the par-tays.

My beautiful pink fairy!

The old school vampire...no sparkling and wind chimes here!

Savvy was happy most of the time. This was right before the crying started.

My sweet little guys..Camden was happy and totally cheesin'! But Brady? Not so much.

My SIL invited us to her ward's trunk or treat on Saturday night. It was pouring rain and COLD! The kids got a few treats and then we went back to the warm and toasty house. Luckily the kids had a fun night and didn't complain about the lack of trick or treating.

Batman,Pink Fairy,Vampire and Iron Man...the drenched versions.

Josh and Brianna pose while Brady and Camdy stare.

My adorable little pumpkinhead!

On Saturday,Adam carved the kids' pumpkins. My dad grew all of these in his yard. In order from left to right...Savvy's, Camdy's, Brady's, Brianna's and Joshie's. I can't even lift Joshie's pumpkin,it's huge!

It was a fun week and I hope the rest of you had a great holiday too!

P.S. - Don't pay attention to my messy house. KTHXBYE.

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Jean Knee said...

sorry it's taken me so long to get over here. I love me a Halloween post. We forgot to carve our pumpkins this year. I know.