Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Brady!

See this cutie?

He's 5 years old today!

this little guy who could always sleep anywhere..

...and who folded his arms during prayers.. going to be a kindergartener!

He's so easygoing and he entertains himself most of the time.

He likes to play Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Lego Star Wars on the Xbox.

He loves his brothers and sisters and he helps out with his younger siblings a lot.

He always has time for huggies and kisses, and he says,"I love you so much mommy" all of the time.

He has an awesome imagination. He loves to sit on my lap and tell me all of his stories.

I'm very blessed to have this sweet guy in my life. :)

Happy birthday little dude!!

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Jenn said...

Oh! I somehow missed seeing it on my calendar. I was there today and could have come down and given him kisses! Please tell him that Aunt Jenny said happy birthday! Actually, check your email--I'll send him a personal one (which he can read tomorrow morning, since I'm sure he's gone to bed now...) I love the darling pictures. What a cute guy he is!!