Monday, June 6, 2011

School's Out!

No more pencils,no more more Josh's dirty looks! (until August)

It's summer time once again. How did that happen?? I blinked and the school year was over.

Brianna is sad because she loved school and her teachers so much.

Josh is ecstatic,excited and overjoyed because school was pretty much torture for him...and I pretty much ruined his life by making him go every day.

Brianna received 3 awards - Art Achievement and a National Fitness Award,plus the Class Dreamer award.

Josh received an award from his teacher - a Mounds bar for being "Mounds" of fun to have in class. If only he had been mounds of fun to get off to school in the morning...instead he was more of a Goober.

Josh didn't want me to take a pic of him..shocking,right?

My SIL planned a weekly field trip schedule for the summer and my kids are really excited about it. We usually go to at least half of the activities and it gives the kids something to look forward to. :)

Yay for summer!

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Janelle said...

Kate earned the Presidential Fitness Award too :) It's funny how very opposite those two are. What do you think Brady will be like next year? Is he in Brianna's camp, or Josh's? I just love summer cause I sleep in. And I'm lazy like that. :)

Stacey said...

If Brady keeps listening to Josh,he won't like school either. Brady doesn't like to sit still and draw,he's much more active so I think it will be a big adjustment for him.

Klin said...

Congrats to your amazing kids!!!

I love summer! I hate working all through it though.

Michelle said...

Yay for summer!! Congrats to your kids and their awards. :D So far my kids like school but one of my girls, I wonder if she will turn out like Josh lol. Maybe this next year will be a little easier for you both!