Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sads and Happys

Yes,it's been awhile since I blogged. I've had computer issues and I just haven't been in a bloggy mood.

The possibility that I've lost 1,000 pictures from the last 6 years (including the birth pics of my 3 youngest babies) has made me weepy.

Adam is going to try one more thing but if it doesn't work,it's unlikely that anything else will work and the pics will be gone. :'(

I'm going to continue to think positively...and cross my fingers.

I'm going to focus on the things that I am enjoying right now.

And by right now,I don't mean all at the same time. Although that would be pretty cool.

I'm reading...Bossypants, which is Tina Fey's biography.

It's made me lol frequently...which makes Adam look at me strangely..but who cares?

Next up - these lovely books.

The top two are by Stephanie Perkins; "Anna and the French Kiss" and it's companion book, "Lola and the Boy Next Door". The bottom book is "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare. It's the first in a series called The Mortal Instruments. I have the next 4 books on hold at the library. I'm next in line for books #2-4..and 17th for book #5. Yesssssss...

I'm watching...Modern Family.

Hi.lar.ious show. I love the entire cast. Now I only have 1,439,285 more shows to watch in my Netflix queue.

I'm wishing...that I was reading these fabulous magazines.

and eating these delish brownies.

Instead...I'm folding laundry.

I know,right? Who'd have thunk it?

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ems said...

Way to focus on the positives! I sure hope you didn't lose your pics. Best of luck!

Nancy Face said...

I am so, SOOO sorry about your lost pictures! I hope that somehow they can be rescued!

My favorite (only) daughter has read all the books in that stack. I have read none of them, but I bet they're fun!

Laundry. Yep.