Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm all alone...there's no one beside me

Once again Adam is out of town. He left yesterday and this time he will be gone through the weekend,so he won't be here for Father's Day. : - ( Adam asked our BIL when he could get soem time off and he said,"maybe in August" It's great that they have work but I miss seeing my hubby and so do my kids. It doesn't help that I am sick right now. I woke up feeling awful yesterday. My throat hurt,my body ached and I had chills and a fever. My wonderful,awesome SIL came over last night and cleaned up my house and took care of my kids. She is always helping me out and I appreciate it so much. I'm feeling better today but last night was a long one. My kids woke up a lot and they all ended up in my bed. I was hot,then cold and I couldn't get comfortable because I was achy. I finally just got up at 7:00 after waking up about 8 times. Brady got up at the same time I did so he is napping right now. He has been a stink about taking naps unless he takes them in my bed. At this point I don't care,I just want him to sleep. So I put my big pillows on both sides of him,turn on the monitor and check in on him. He knows how to slide off my bed so that helps. Anyway this is turning into another "woe is me" post so I'm gonna go and get something to eat.

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Michelle said...

Stacey I'm sorry you're still feeling so cruddy. What a sweet SIL you have to help you! I hope things get a little easier so that time flies between now and when Adam gets home. *hugs*

*You've been tagged on my blog for a meme. :)*

Kate said...

*HUGS* I'm sorry that your sweetie hasn't been home . . . that's so rough, especially when you/your kid(s) aren't feeling so well . . . I hope the time flies until you can have a BIG chunk of time when Adam is home with you!