Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am so mad!

Ok here is my long vent!

Last month we bought a 7 piece dinette set from RC willey. We have had nothing but problems with it ever since. Actually I should say the table is just's the chairs that are a pain.

First of all when we went to pick it up,they had it at the wrong store. The store where it was supposed to be had one set of chairs that they gave us. So we went to the other store to pick up the table and the other 2 sets of chairs. So we got it home and a few days later my hubby attempted to put a chair together. It ended up breaking and I blamed hubby because he is known for having a bad temper. So the next day he is able to get one put together and it looks fine. Well then he opens the other box and there is no hardware in it. So I get to make the 40 minute trip to exchange the chairs. Hubby ends up working a lot the next few days so I decided to try and put one together. Well he was right, they are a huge pain to put together! I was so ornery by the time I finished. So at this point we have 2 chairs done,1 broken. So Adam put one more together and then one of the ones I did broke and on the other one the holes don't line up right! At this point we have 2 broken chairs,3 assembled ones and one without the seat put on because the holes are wonky. So where am I now? Sitting at the computer venting because the chair Brianna was sitting on just broke. The back just popped off! So I am making a call to RC Willey tomorrow and I'm going to demand justice! We haven't even used the chairs for a month,it's so ridiculous! Anyway if you are still with me,thanks for listening to my woes.

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

We go through an obscene amount of chairs in the Infidel house. We're just really, really hard on them. The worst is when the seat part splits and then when you sit down on it, it pinches your heiny.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Beware the ides of IKEA.

Seriously, our IKEA stuff has not held up.

Stacey said...

Ouch! I hate heiney pinches.

Of course with all of my booty fat,it takes me a full minute to realize I've been pinched.

Beth said...

ARGH! Yes, RC Willey better replace 'em all AND put them together for you, I say. That's just ridiculous!!

Stacey said...

I hope they replace them. That is utterly ridiculous!

No Cool Story said...

Not good!

Jen said...

Did you get justice?
That really hoovers! We have cruddy chairs too, every time they fall over the rungs fall out and we can't get them back in again.
Furniture should last more than a couple of years!