Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House hunting..

On Saturday we looked at 7 houses. We narrowed it down to our top 3 choices and we decided to put in an offer on our favorite. It is a 5 bedroom,3 and 1/2 bath with a finished basement. It has a lot of storage and closet space and the bedrooms are large. Yesterday my BIL (who is a general contractor) inspected the house and he said it is in great shape. So last night we signed the paperwork and it was handed over to the seller's agent. It is a short sale which will be a hassle,but if we get this house it would be worth it. It's such a great price that we just couldn't pass it up. We really love this house so if you all could keep us in your thoughts and prayers that would be great! :D

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Kimberly & Hank said...

Wow that was fast. We looked at a billion houses before deciding. I guess that's because we were searching in Junkville (you don't even want to know what some of those houses looked like or had in them ...) and you are in Eagle Mountain area. :P... I'm hoping you get that one. I'll be excited to visit if you do, it's a very nice looking house :D

Beth said...

Wow, sounds amazing! Good luck to you guys!!

Katie said...

Good luck! The house sounds fabulous!