Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay for date night!

Tonight Adam and I are going to see the new James Bond movie,"Quantum of Solace". Afterwards we are going to the Training Table (a Utah original). ;)

Does anyone else have any fun plans tonight?

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The Grishams (Kim, Hank, Eli, and Gus) said...

lol, I liked the '(a utah original)' thrown in there. We are going to my mommy's tonight :D.

Today we drove up by UofU to look at the old houses and the cool neighborhoods with huge houses. It was fun :D. Since we are poor, that was considered our date :).

nora.lakehurst said...

nope just geek fest. seth and his friends are playing d&d

Steve and Chelle said...

I get to work!! Fun for me!!

no actually, I really do enjoy it! Except its been CRAZY tonight! absolutley crazy! I shouldn't even be posting right now!!! ACK gotta get back to work!

Millie said...

Last night Bunny watched/listened to the Utah game online while I ... I think I watched TV. :)

Now I'm in the mood for Training Table when I get there!!

No Cool Story said...

We used tyo go out more when the kids were little and had to get a sitter than now that we can go anytime and not worry about the stinking kids!

YAY for date night!
We went out on Friday to see Quantum Solace too :)
I liked Casino Royal better BUT that Craig is one yummy eye candy.