Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This,that and the other.

I don't know if you all know this,but when you are moving it keeps you kind of busy. I made a list of things I need to get done,then I got on the computer. Makes sense,right?

~So far I have 2 full garbage bags to take to D.I. and I have thrown away 2 bags worth of junk. I've filled out change of address forms and switched utilities to our name. I still need to register Josh at his new school. Most importantly hubs made an appointment to get our internet set up. I gotta have access to my bloggy buds. It's all about priorities.

~I saw Twilight again on Saturday and I loved it..again.

~Joshua's socks are running away. Seriously. I just did laundry and there are no more to be found.

~I have another little thumb sucker. Camden sucks his left thumb when he is tired or upset. Maybe he will be left handed like his daddy. Camden is opposite of Bri who sucks her right thumb.

~My dad gave the kids a big bucket of blocks. Not just any blocks, but a million little bitty ones. Does he hate me or something?

~Camden has already bonked his head three times this morning. He's quite the little explorer.

~The other night I took Brady out of the bedroom so Josh could get some sleep. Brady got mad and said,"You're going down mama!!" Ok,bring it on!

~Brianna is becoming quite the little mommy. She helps me out with Camden and reads to him. This morning she said,"Brady,I need some space. You just gotta leave me alone for a minute.". That doesn't sound like me...oh wait.

The End.

P.S. I just found out that an old friend of mine was injured in the refinery explosion here in Utah last night. Please pray for him.

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Ann Marie said...

1st! YAy!

Ann Marie said...

You saw twilight again?? I would be jealous, but it was with me! YAY!

It was fun to meet you, and I hope I wasn't too annoying with talking about parts of it during the movie!

I'm so impressed that you are de-junking! Oh the happiness it brings me to hear that people have bags for DI. Pretty pathetic huh??

I would make sure the internet was hooked up first thing too. :)
You are a funny girl!

Stacey said...

No,you weren't annoying at all! I had such a good time! :)

I gotta de-junk,I'm a bit of a pack rat.

nora.lakehurst said...

What you saw it with out me :( I am ....so.....offended. I am so not going to talk to you for five seconds......1........2.......3....4.....5. Ok so there now I am ok. I am happy that Brianna is helping you. What a sweet heart. I might come out and help you on Monday. Since there is no school. Pray for sun so we can send the kid outside to play while we dejunk your whole house. YAY I am so addicted to dejunking I think its like a habit for me.
My blogger is having issues. I cant get anything on the cutestblogontheblog website. No it wont let me on. I am peeeved now I have nothing cute to put on my blog.
WOW ok so this post is more like a novel. LOVE YA!!!

Jenn said...

I love this post. You should do at least a weekly post of all the cute things the kids say. i think my favorite is Brady saying, "You're going down mama!" How cute!

Kate said...

"you're going down Mama!" LOVE it! :)
I hope you're able to get everything done in plenty of time for your move! :)

Steve and Chelle said...

yeah- love the age brady and joe-joe are at!! it's so fun!!

Joe-joe turned out left handed too- at least we think he is 'cause everytime we give him something to write with he puts it in his left hand. (I even tried always putting it in his right hand, and he would always move it!)

ems said...

LOL!!!! I loved the "You're going down mama!!" comment!!! That is absolutely hilarious. What are you going to do when he's 18 and he's a football player. guess you better watch out! :)

Super cute post! I ought to do that. I miss posting some cute things because I just don't get around to doing a post for 1 thing. (obviously since my posts always end up being novels and apparently so do my comments) Oh well, let me know what I can do for you.


Nancy Face said...

Oh, no! I'm sorry your friend was injured.

Nancy Face said...

If I was trying to move, I'd totally be sneaking on to the computer, tee hee!

I can't wait to buy Twilight on DVD so I can watch it ALL I WANT!!!

One of my babies (maybe Lauren?) ate a tiny LEGO block, and what do you know? I found it in the poopy diaper a day or two later. Nice. Maybe that's where some of those socks disappeared to? ;)

Another fun thing is stepping on those tiny blocks when you're barefoot...OUCH! >:(

Stacey said...

I am way excited about the Twilight DVD too! I hope they have some good deleted and extended scenes! Not to mention I want to see the behind the scenes stuff too! :)

Too funny about the block in the diaper! The things babies find on on the floor huh?

Oh yeah,I have stepped on many a block and about broke my neck. I'm klutzy anyway and having kids has made it that much worse.

JustRandi said...

I do that SAME thing where I make a list for myself, and then I sit down at the computer.
I'm so impressed about your bags of trash!!!

Tori :) said...

Livie is a thumb sucker. I used to think it was so cute, but now I worry she'll be like the girl named Christy in my 3rd grade class who sucked her thumb. What to do????

I will add your friend to my prayers.

Tori :) said...


(I said it outloud. I like your playlist.)

No Cool Story said...

"You're going down mama!!"

I second "cute things the kids say" becoming a weekly feature.
Some of us need stuff like that you know ;)

Corilee said...

This is my third try to comment on this post and it didn't go through. Just my normal jinks shen I tougch a computer.

Just think you may have Camden swallow one of the tiny blocks and find it in his diaper and seeeetep on it to boot. Yuck.... that's a gross thought.

Next time you go see Twilight You absolutely must take me and I'll pay for your ticket.

We thought we would invited your family over to Sunday dinner on the 25th so you wouldn't have to cook right off. So, can you come?

I took my sleeping pills just before writing this blog so i hope I remember the invite :) Don't worry, I'll tell Joe so he will remember. How about five o'clock?

I loved Breianna's cute words "you have to give me some space, Camden"

*Cheers* for all the cute things kids say. And *cheers* for all the cute things you write on your blog. I can always count on somethin funny from you. So it runs in your family :)