Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fat people can't ride bicycles

On Father's Day, the hubby,kids and I were hanging out at my parent's house. Josh was asking questions about bike riding. Here is the conversation we had....

Josh - "Grandma,do you know how to ride a bike?"

Grandma - "Yes I do"

Josh - "What? You can't ride a bike,you're OLD!"

Grandma - "older people can ride bikes too!"

Josh - "Well mommy,do you know how to ride a bike?"

Me - "Yes I do. When I was younger, I rode my bike everywhere."

Josh - "Uh hello, what about your weight??"

Me - "Excuse me?!! Chubby people can ride bikes too."

Josh - *surprised look*

The End.

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Flee said...

Ouch! And hilarious at the same time. Kids are so brutally honest. It really stinks sometimes.

Tilly's Bowtique said...

ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I needed that today, LOL.

nora.lakehurst said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny. Love how kids can make you feel so good right. ROFLMBO so funny.

Klin said...

I guess you and me are just gonna have to go ride a bike in front of Josh! He is so funny. I think my weight would be better if I rode more:P

Corilee said...

I don't know Stace, I tried riding a bike when I was about 30 years old (and chubby was putting it mildly) and I found out that the narrow bicycle seat really hurt to try to ride on. I would never recommend a regular bike to a chubby person. I like the bikes they have at the places like Gold's Gym. They have wide seats and I don't have to worry about supporting my weight and balancing at the same time.

Cute post!!!

Nancy Face said...

Hee hee! :D

My mother is 82 years old and rides her bike around the neighborhood every day! It scares me to death, YIKES! :0