Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun day at the Dino Museum!

I took the kids to the Dinosaur museum yesterday and they had a blast. They have been there twice but both times it was with one of their aunts. I took some really cute pictures of the kids and after we left,Josh said "it was such a great day mom!"

Here are the fossils the kids made. Josh's is a T. Rex tooth,Bri's is a raptor claw,and Brady's is a bug.

After lunch I took the kids to Coldstone where we met up with Klin and 2 of her kids. It was great to finally meet her and she is so nice! Unfortunately after about 10 minutes my kids were restless and all over the place. Opening utility panels,picking roses,going towards the busy know,fun stuff like that. Josh was also being a bit of a show off, (imagine that!) so next time I think we should meet up without the little monkeys so we can talk more. :)

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Nancy Face said...

Hey, that place looks awesome...I wanna go there! Fun pictures! :)

I've met Klin too! YAY! :D

Nancy Face said...

Gee whiz, I love being first! :)

Ann Marie said...

What fun!! My kiddos love that place! :) You are a good Mom!

How fun to meet a blog friend! ~ And at cold stone.. double bonus!

ems said...

That was fun! It was great to see you. We should hang out more!

Klin said...

I was loving your kids. Although I figured they were showing off. Mine were, too.

I just want to eat up your baby's cheeks. So yummy.

And yes, we should totally meet again, and again, and again ;)

nora.lakehurst said...

How fun I am glad you got to go and meet a new friend. :D hope you are having a great day today