Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's New?

~We are moving in 11 days..that's right,11 days. Have I packed anything? NOPE! I'm a major procrastinator when it comes to packing. Most of our stuff will be in storage so I have to label all of the boxes,in case I need to find anything. Adam and I are hoping to get a lot of the storage moved during the next week so on the "big" moving day, we will only have to move the stuff we are keeping with us.

~Adam got his new class schedule and he goes to school 4 nights a week now. The next month is going to be stressful for him and me. :( Adam has a temporary job right now but he is looking for something more permanent.

~The kids are doing really well in school. Josh is adjusting and he loves his teacher! She is so great with him. Bri is still excited to go to school every day and she has a best friend now.

~Brady and Camden are such good buddies now. They play together in the mornings and they have so much fun. Brady watches out for his little brother,it's so cute.

~We've had some sickies going through our household. Josh and Brayden have thrown up and Adam has been sick too. I'm not ready for this yet. :(

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Dave said...

ugh. i HATE moving.

moving stuff into storage would be a brazillion times worse.

Stacey said...

I despise moving and we just did it 8 months ago! That's part of the reason why I haven't done anything. :x

TB Signature said...

We have those same sickes going through here. Michael came home from work Monday morning and made it back today after two days of the pukies. Now I've got it. Drat! It's almost 3:30 and I barely made it to the computer -- and I'm about to get off and go lie down again. Ugh.

Corilee said...

Moving is the PITS!

Has Joe told you or Adam the new plan we are thinking of? I know he tried to call Adam last night when he was in class.

We need to talk over our plans again. Call us.

Ann Marie said...

Sorry you have to move again!!
Best of luck! XO

Klin said...

Where are you moving to? Will it be closer to me? I actually hope not, because then your kiddos have to change schools and that is no fun.

Nancy Face said...

I COMPLETELY understand procrastination! It might just be my middle name! ;)

I'm so glad to know Adam has found a temporary job! I hope a permanent one comes along!

Tori said...

Your blog hates me and wouldn't let me comment last nite on another post. hmmph.

Moving SUCKS. I hate hate hate it.

I will pray for y'all.