Monday, November 16, 2009

Moody Monday

~We got pizza for dinner and rented a few movies from Redbox this weekend. I got Monsters vs. Aliens for the kids,Transformers 2 for Adam, and The Proposal for me. The Proposal was a cute show,but it didn't have as much humor as I thought it would. Overall I liked it because of the actors in it; Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

~As of right now,we are caught up on bills. It's a good feeling so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts! :)

~I had a yucky day yesterday. My head hurt all day long and I felt like I was getting sick. So far today,I'm feeling better. Thank goodness!

~Josh was so ornery this morning. All I heard was whining about school. I lost my temper and now I feel horrible. I hate sending him off to school with a grumpy mommy voice in his head.

~Brayden is almost officially potty-trained. YAY!

~5 days to New Moon!!!! WOOT!

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Lauren said...

Did you watch Monsters vs. Aliens? It is soooo hilar! I loved it.

Sorry about your headache. I had migraines all weekend. I know how you feel.

Dave said...

MOnster's V Aliens was awesome. I lololololed and lololololed.

How was Transformers 2? I heard it sucked.

And we watched Land of the Lost. HIGHLY recommended :-)

And what counts as officially potty trained?

Stacey said...

Lawren - Yes,I watched it with my kids. It was a funny show!

Dave - I had seen Transformers 2 before,I just wanted to get something for Adam. I thought it was ok until I saw the first doesn't compare.

Officially potty trained is staying dry for a few nights in a row.

Janelle said...

I enjoyed The Proposal, and Transformers 2 is a good action flick as long as you don't care too much about details like "plot".
What a great feeling to be caught up!
Bummer about the headache, I'm ready for my ears to stop hurting. Ugh.
I totally hear ya about feeling bad later about the grumpy mama in the morning. I have done the same thing.

And finally -- I think I hate you :P I'm desperate to be done with pull-ups!!!

Klin said...

I hate sending my kids to school with the grumpy mommy voice in their head, too. :)

New Moon- Here We come!!!

Since you are driving over would you like to park at my house whilst we are drooling over the hotties in the movie?

WV= mardparp- LOL it freaking rhymes :D

Ann Marie said...

Glad you are caught up on the bills. :)

I liked the Proposal alot. But I am a chick flick kind of gal.

Stay healthy!! I am freaking.. one of my girlfriends has the swine flu.. and is supposed to come this weekend! I hope she can make it!
~ Everyone needs to stay healthy!!

Corilee said...

So you can repent of the grumpy momma thing and try really hard to find another way to inspire cooperation. Little rewards might help.

Buy a bag of candies or fruit snacks (from Costco) that they can win on days that they are expecially good. Or you could make them win points or stars (or whtever you can think of) for getting the candy. Like 5 points or stars for the candy.

Just a thought. But you can attract more flies with honey than you can with with vinegar. (I'm not sure why you'd want the flies but that's how the saying goes. :P)

Millie said...

Good good good stuff!!! Wish we were going to New Moon together...

... in our jammies.

JustRandi said...

The thing about the grumpy mommy voice is that you remember it all day. HE forgot about it 2 minutes after he got out of the car.

Mommies definitely get the lame side of that deal.

And YAY for potty training!!

(My word verification for this is WORIMIL - - ha!)

Nancy Face said...

I didn't love The Proposal like my girls did, but I DID love Transformers 2.

Am I weird? YEP! :D