Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Review

I'll start by saying that I really enjoyed this movie. I saw it three times this weekend! I went with my friend Kayelyn,her friend Amy and Kayelyn's daughters and DIL's. Later that night, I saw a midnight show with my friend Jenny. Then on Saturday afternoon,I went with my mom,my sister and my nieces. We met my SIL,Karla and her 2 younger sisters at the theater but we weren't able to sit with them. I got stuck behind a couple who talked through a lot of the movie and laughed hysterically when it wasn't even cheesy or funny. I really wanted to dump my drink on them. >:(
There were some parts that I didn't like as much,but that is to be expected. The movies will never live up to the books for me and I'm going to accept that and just enjoy them. Here is a list of the things I liked and the things I didn't like. **SPOILERS**

~The dream in the beginning was perfect! I also loved the meadow.
~When Edward shows up to school and he struts in slo-mo to the song "Monsters". That is one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack.
~I love Charlie and Emmett. Love them!

~When Edward kisses Bella goodbye. The pain he showed was very intense. :(
~I liked KStew a lot better in this movie. A lot of her acting really bugged me in Twilight. I thought she was so much better in New Moon. She looks gorgeous is this picture!

~Jessica's monologue after she and Bella see the zombie movie. She is hilariously self-absorbed!

~Taylor Lautner stole the movie for me. His portrayal of Jacob was terrific,I really felt his pain. I wanted Jacob and Bella to kiss. I knew they wouldn't but I was still disappointed when the phone rang. As of right now,I am leaning towards Team Jacob. (don't hate!)

~I love when Jacob phases in's so wicked.

~I'm going to miss Rachel Lefevre. I love her as Victoria.

~I liked Michael Sheen as Aro. It was a little campy but that is exactly how I saw Aro in the books. A bipolar vamp who is gleeful one minute,deadly the next.
~The entire movie theater scene was hilarious! The cheesy FacePunch lines = awesome! This scene was deliciously awkward for Bella.


~The contact lenses were a bit too much..but I can overlook those. What I couldn't overlook was the makeup on RPattz. The makeup on him did not look good at all! His lips were WAY too dark! He should not wear more lipstick then Bella. This is how he should have looked through out the movie...
To me,that is the perfect Edward. *sigh*

~The stupid windchime sounds when Edward's skin sparkles. ARGH! I hate that! It's cheesy enough that his skin sparkles,must we have the lame sound effect too???

~Jasper's hair is still the scariest thing about him.

~I hate that Jane says "Pain" when causing pain. REALLY? Can moviegoers not figure out that Edward is in pain by his writhing around?
~These 2 scenes were the cheesiest to me. They both made me cringe a little bit.

Now I wait impatiently for June...and yes,I already have an Eclipse countdown widget. So what? :P

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Millie said...

I am SO EXCITED for Eclipse. Can't wait!!! I'm dying to see how they do the tent scene. :)

I HATE people who show up to a movie they know they're not going to like, and then make idiotic comments the entire time and ruin it for the fans! Why???

Tori said...

You can't switch teams. NO! No switching allowed.

The vamp Bella running all corny with Edward= HILARIOUS.

Jasper's hair looks like Sally Fields in "Steel Magnolias."- like a "brown football helmet."

I loved everything you loved except Bella. The only part she didn't totally bug me was when she was screaming from her nitemares.

I'm glad she and Jacob didn't kiss bc then I would cry.

Movie scene with the boys holding their hands in "hand holding position" was flashback to 8th grade... lol

Great review.

Stacey said...

Tori - just watch me! :P You know what I did? I put the Team Jacob key chain on my keyring. That's right,I did!

Flee said...

ok, so let me tell you! I LOVED ALL OF IT!! The contacts did seem a bit unnatural for me, but still, LOVED IT! And as for the slo-mo scene...laughed at first, but now I love it! It's totally from Breaking Dawn! The first time they go out hunting together and she's in that dress Alice put her in and she's all happy because she's faster than Edward now. So, I love that scene. It makes me happy. Plus, I think she looked beautiful in that scene!

Flee said...

OH! And as for Rachel L. I didn't like her in Twilight, so I was excited to hear about the change for Eclipse, but now, she was really good in New Moon. She seemed more vampire-ish. I didn't think she looked the part in the first one, but's sad. I think the new girl is going to be really great though! Idk. we will just have to wait and see. (sorry about the long comments, I just love the movie!)

Janelle said...

Perfect spoiler, thanks :) I HATED the lipstick thing in the first movie. There's no way I'll see this movie in teh theater. I gotta watch it at home where I can yell at everythign I don't like :P I am SO in love with the characters in the books. Since I'm rereading them again I keep dreaming about 'em, LOL.

Ann Marie said...

I think I threw up in my mouth a little everytime someone screamed after Jacob. We'd best not see it together! :)

Glad you LOVED it.

Stacey said...

Ann - Just so you know,I never screamed over Jacob. I ogled quietly. ;)

Klin said...

Alice's vision to Aro was the cheesiest by far. Is Marcus the blonde one? Caius looks bored so I thought he was the dark haired one, but he was so vocal. Back to read the books to figure this out.

Dakota Fanning isn't really my view of Jane. She is okay, but not my version and shut up . . . Jane does not need to say "pain" to hurt others. If they can't figure it out then they can go read the book. When I say they you all know who I mean, right?

I liked Jasper better in this movie. He was less Edward
Scissorhands like.

I"m still TEAM EMMETT- he makes me laugh and I like that!

nora.lakehurst said...

I am so with Klin. I am an Emmett fan. But if I had to choose between Edward and Jacob it would still be Edward. YES I LOVE HIM. ;) Seth is my Edward/Emmett. *sigh* just cant wait. I agree with Flee on the vision of Edward and Bella running in this movie. I think Bella did so much better in this movie and I think it is because she is in LOVE with RP. Yes she is. YAY okay anyways so go love your Jacob. I am going to be faithful and not fall for the body.

Dave said...

Flee, 100% with you on Rachel L. Terribly disappointed with her in Twilight, very excited about her in NM, and now sad to see her replaced :-)

I did not change teams, I am now even more firmly entrenched in Team Alice. That chick is awesome :-)

I've never had a problem with kristen stewart's acting. Maybe I was just distracted by how cute she was :-)

Janelle said...

you need one of these templates ;)

Sunbum said...

Um.....Milly...I'm one of the fans (ex now) I made fun of the mocie the whole time.....I thought it was the worst boring movie that I have seen in my whole life...:( Had such high hopes for it....

Nancy Face said...

I loved New Moon! And I agree about your two cheesiest cringe-y scenes! :D