Monday, May 17, 2010

Pregnancy and Other Stuff

~As of today I am 30 weeks pregnant! It's crazy how fast the time has flown by,even though it didn't feel like it for the first few months. I am still in need of a few baby things like a swing and a bouncer,but mostly I'm ready for the little one. I just need to get the extra twin bed out of storage since Camden will be using the toddler bed so the baby can have his bed. Slowly but surely my nesting is kicking in and my house is getting more organized.

~A sweet woman in our ward offered to give us her old couch since ours are buried in the storage unit. Well she brought it by Saturday morning and it was not just a "couch",it was a sectional with recliners and a hide a bed! With the computer desk in the room it's pretty squishy but it's SO nice to have somewhere to sit down! (Have you ever seen a woman who is 8 months pregnant try to get up off the floor? It ain't pretty,people)

~I took all of the kids to church yesterday sans hubby. They were well-behaved and they went to their classes easily,even thought it has been awhile since we went to church. I did end up staying in the nursery with Camden. About snack time he calmed down and he had fun the rest of the time. If he can just get through the first half hour,then he is usually alright. One day I will be able to attend Relief Society..that is my goal. ;)

~Summer vacation is almost here. The next 2 weeks will be busy with end of school activities. I'm looking forward to summer..taking the kids to the park and the library,the b-b-q's, and of course the birth of my baby girl.

~Brianna is very excited to be graduating from kindergarten. She wants to go full time so she can eat lunch at school and have a lunch box. It's the simple things in life,right?

~Josh is sad about school ending but he is excited because a friend of his is having a last day of school party with a "ginormous water slide". He is counting the days!

~I wish we could go on vacation this summer but with a lack of funds,it's just not going to happen. For the last few years,my SIL has organized weekly activities in the summer and half of them are free (my favorite price) so I hope she will do that again. My kids love it.

What are your summer plans?

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Dave said...

i'm trying to line up a second job. that should keep me plenty busy during the summer.

nat has decided she wants to try raising chickens. that should help keep her and the three boys busy :-)

and nat is about to get a new calling, so attending RS is within her reach too!!

Janelle said...

I have such mixed feelings about summer. It will be nice to not have to wake up to an alarm every morning, but it also means the girls are all home to make a disaster every day so the housekeeping chore goes up 10x.
There's no way we're going on vacation either. We've never been on a family vacation actually! SOmething about using our money to pay for necessary things.... ;) Someday I want to go on a real vacation!

Kimberly said...

Plans? To have a baby. And quick. I was never this miserable with Eli.. but now being preggo WITH a toddler monkey....ugggggggh. I just want to get back to normalness and not feel like a chubbo slug :(

haha.. chubbo slug, sounds funny..

Super Happy Girl said...

Ooh, score with the sectional! Sweeeet.

Ah to be young and excited about a lunch box or a party with a water slide :)

My plans? Moving (I hope) and throwing a giant house warming slide though.

Corilee said...

What a nice thing to get a new couch, especially one so nice! Your kids make each day seem so fun whether school days or summer time. You sure don't look very big for being so far along. :) happy day! (not looking big is great isn't it?!)

nora.lakehurst said...

Hey.... Where did my comment go? Oh well I shall post again.
Summer at my house will be crazy. But I am planning on stuff for Ethan and Logan for their badges for scouts. And go to the zoo and bear lake. Ummmm lets see.... watch glee and wipeout. Um...... Oh Logan will attend summer school. Walking. Weddings I have THREE this summer that are in the family. Two cousins and ONE sister. CRAZY!!!
And Oh picnics with a really awesome person.

Iva said...

wow!!! almost time! :) and this is your 5th?!?! WOW!!! AMAZING! Congratulations to your family!

Tori said...

My summer plans are to see you in Utah. Wait- when are you due? Am I gonna be showing up while you're in labor?

Carrot Jello said...

My summer plans are to get the kids out of school by July.
They don't get out until the 22nd of June :(
Cute belly :)