Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Night Blahs

Adam has class 4 nights a week more Zumba except on Saturday mornings. :(

The kids' bunk beds are falling apart..again.

Adam applied for 2 more job openings...still no news on the other 3 jobs.

Adam's brother/boss hasn't been paid for a big job...therefore,Adam hasn't been paid yet either. :(

On the bright side,I get to see my family this weekend for an Easter egg hunt at my parent's house.

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ems said...

Oh bummer! So sorry about the working evenings! You could always come to my class at 6 AM. :) Ha ha!

I totally get the not getting paid thing. Sure makes it hard to pay the bills!

Sorry you've got the blahs! I hope things get happier! Have fun at the egg hunt!