Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's get a little mellow

I'm trying to be calm.

Adam finished up his school bidness..and we owe them a big chunk of money because he transferred credits.


No job offers yet.

Double lame.

Adam is pretty down about it. Which is understandable. It's difficult because he is a glass half-empty person. I'm the opposite. My glass is always half-full and I'm all, "Yay! I'm drinking that deliciousness!"

I'm trying to remain positive and think good thoughts because that's the person I strive to be. It's not always easy when your other half is a negative nelly.

3 positive things for today -

1. My kids and Adam and I are all healthy.

2. I have a GNO this weekend.

3. The movie Little Manhattan was delivered from Netflix today.

BONUS - I made this cake for a family party last night. Very few people appreciated it. My (almost) 11 year old nephew did...and he rocks.


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Dave said...

tell him to hang in there. I didn't have any interviews for the first month after graduation, then I went on several and two months after I graduated I got 4 job offers in the same week. and the transfer credit fee?? that is ridiculous :-L

Jenn said...

I'm so sorry about all of the craziness with Adam's school. We pray for you every day, but we will step up our prayers. And I'm sorry that I didn't understand your cake. I really did appreciate it though--I was craving chocolate cake, and it was SOOO good. Thanks!!

ems said...

I totally appreciated the caramel frosting. MMMM... caramel. But, like Jenn, I didn't get the message as I have not seen or read the books. :)

Good luck with the school stuff! Bummer about the money issues, but at least he's finally done!

Kell said...

I love your cake! And I hope the job offers start rolling in :)

Jo(ke) said...

That cake!