Friday, April 6, 2012

Things I Lurve!

~The way Josh used to say "callepidders" instead of caterpillars. Total cuteness!

~The fact that Brianna sings all the time. She loves music and dances all over,even in the grocery store if the mood strikes her.

~How excited Camden gets when he sees "big trucks!!!" or "COOOWWSS!" Even if he is outside,he will run up to tell me every time he sees a truck.

~Brady's love for his baby brother. He always says, "Aww,mom..Camden is just the cutest brother ever!"

~Brady and Camden will say "bless you'd" instead of sneezed. Camden told me this morning that Brady bless you'd after he took a bite of cereal.

~Savvy saying "HUGS!" and "I love you".

~Spring weather!

~Cookie dough,mint chocolate chip and peanut butter/chocolate ice cream flavors.

~Uber-tight hugs!


~Date nights with my hubby.

~"Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift. L-O-V-E it. My favorite T-Swizzle song ever.

~The Hunger Games!

Photobucket ~Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence A.K.A. JHutch and JLaw. I <3 very much.


2 people love me:

nora.lakehurst said...

HAH AHAHAHAHAHA! Ok seriously! This makes me laugh. And PS you totally rock. And did you know that Petta is your mouser on my computer too. LOL

Ann Marie said...

A great list indeed!!

You and Lauren crap me up with all of your HG love. haha

~ And I had no idea who the mouser thing was until I read the comment above.

That's serious Fangirl for the win!