Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well since I have yet to find an affordable pre-school for Brianna,I picked up some books at Target. I couldn't believe the selection of books they have out now. I bought a flip book with the alphabet and pictures to match. She just loves it and it makes her feel like a big kid. I'm going to go back in a few days and buy a really big work book with a lot of activities. Then I'm going to cover the pages so my kids can use them over and over again.

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nora.lakehurst said...

YAY for Brianna. I need to get some for Truman. He really loves school things.

Steve and Chelle said...

Yeah- She was so excited- she told me they were grandma and grandpa's!! what a cute little squish! oh, and btw, Jenni didn't go to preschool either, we just did at home stuff with her. Her teached did an assesment and said that she was really advaced, and asked what preschool she went to. I'm not gonna lie, that made me feel pretty good! I was worried about her not going away for school, but she did great when it was time! Couldn't wait in fact!

Just fyi! I'm sure Bri will be fine if you can't get her to a preschool! though you'd like to know that!

Steve and Chelle said...

and when I say "I was worried about her NOT going away for school .. ." I meant going away for school- like leaving the house, and not being with me.

Yeah. Just wanted to clarify that!