Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So it begins..

The sickies have invaded my house. Brady had it,then I got it. On top of that,last night was a bad one. Camden woke up about 6 times,Brady woke up twice (and woke Camden)and Josh woke up,whining that his legs hurt. So I gave Josh medicine and put him back in bed where he stayed but then Brady came out of the room bawling and woke Camden just after I nursed him. Because of that I overslept today,luckily Adam was up and helped Josh get ready for school.

I feel like the walking dead because Camden is not a good sleeper. He still wakes up every two hours and he's not getting enough sleep during the day. I know it will pass eventually,but I'm just tired! *yawn*

I have to clean my house today because my visiting teachers are coming and I can't let them see how I really live. ;)

House update: The owners accepted our offer and signed the papers. Now we are just waiting on the bank. Hopefully we will hear something by next week. Our fingers are crossed!!

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Ailinh Harris said...

Oh no! The kids are like a domino effect! Sorry about your lack of sleep, but hooray for signed papers.

(CUTE layout btw! I luva it.)

Millie said...

That adorable little guy isn't a good sleeper?? Pshaw. He looks perfect to me. :)

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

Flee said...

I really don't miss the lack of sleep from having a new one. Or the yellow poops that severely overflow from the diaper and stains every outfit they wear. Sorry about all that. I know it's worth it for sure! But I don't miss it.

Corilee said...

In five years they'll all be sleeping through... until then stock up on No Doze. Sorry, no really good advice except to say been there, done that and it does get better.

Steve and Chelle said...

Yeah. we've got the sickies too. Jenni hasn't been able to go to school all week. And, it's been oh so fun having to keep her inside all day!! (you know, I never realized how much she used to go outside and play with your kiddies!!! ah well!! Tomorrow!!!) She's been on antibiotics for 24 hours now, so tomorrow she'll be back!!! yay!!!

So sorry you're not feeling well!! let me know if you need anything!

Steve and Chelle said...

hey, only 7 posts away from 300! wow. Go you!

Karlita (means little Karla) said...

Whew ok so yeah I am jelous. You got all this fun stuff and I dont (wink) LOL ok so no I am not jelous. I dont wanna be sick (crossing my fingers) I have had enough of that stuff over the past few I think I can do without.
OH and yeah congrats on almost 300 post :O I am going to post like 100 so I can be witcha.
Well you never come to my post anymore :( I am so sad. Do you not like my writting ;) NO Im kidding I know you have been just giving you something to you know give me a hard time about. Man I am not making anysense maybe i am sick and I dont know it.
Love ya and when you get better I will come over and get ya some sleep. Sorry I just dont want the sickies. I am tired and already loosing sleep because of Danni.

ems said...

Sleep?!? Is that something that parents with young kids actually get, because if that's the case, I am not normal. Of course the fact that I am a parent who doesn't get sleep has nothing to do with not being normal.

Hope you get more sleep tonight!

Stacey said...

Thanks for the sympathies all.

Gosh Michelle,now that you pointed that out I want to get to 300 posts!! Unfortunately I have nothing to post about. Maybe I will post Jen's pics. :P

No Cool Story said...

Best of luck on the house.
And super bestest of luck on getting rid of the sickies soon ;P