Thursday, October 2, 2008

No more decorating for me! :P

So I decided to put Halloween decor up and it was not a fun time! Why,you ask? Well let me tell you!

~I got my fiber optic light pumpkin out and the cord was missing. I looked all over and it was nowhere to be found. GRR!

~I spent 5 minutes getting out the kids pumpkins and untangling the cords.

~While I was doing all of this, Camden was crying in his swing,NOT falling asleep like he was supposed to. I looked over and he was hanging off the back of the swing, ready to fall out on his head. I ran over and caught him but Josh started bawling anyway.

After all of this fun, I decided to send the kids outside so Josh could do his homework. Of course he was way excited about that and he started whining. After a very dramatic performance,the homework was completed and Josh was paroled. So off he went to change his clothes. Well then he came out of the room and said,"I can't find any of my stupid clothes!!" At this point I was about to lose it,but I stayed calm and told him where they were. So he started digging through baskets and was still complaining that he couldn't find anything. I stomped over there and magically he found some clothes very quickly and ran outside.

This is why decorating is not a good thing!

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Karlita (means little Karla) said...

SO sorry Stace. I did mine at night while my kids were asleep. I am sorry Camden was being a pill and I wish I could come and do it for you. How did he almost fall out of the swing anyways??? Anyways love ya and dont forget the 10th K :D

Stacey said...

He wasn't belted in and he was pushing on the tray with his feet,which propelled him backwards.

ems said...

That totally sounds like Matthew. Once he totally did a head dive off the bed at my grandma's house. I was sitting right by him, so luckily I caught him. Those babies sure are rascally little ones!

hope tomorrow goes better for you. You're better than me, I only decorate at Christmas!


Corilee said...

Bummed out!!! You could have called me to come down. Oh well...All'a well that end well. I'd like to see your decorations.

Stacey said...

You can come down anytime.