Saturday, October 4, 2008

So frustrated!

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions concerning our house. The bank approved us but they want us to do a conventional loan with 5 % down. Hello,we don't have the money which is why we are doing a Utah Housing Loan! GR! Our agent has been trying to find another loan we could do with no money down. We found one loan but our debt to income ratio is too high to qualify for it. What is really frustrating is that our only debt is our car payment. So far it is not looking good. :(

We've already asked a few people and no one has that kind of money to give to us. Also it would take us 3 or 4 years to pay it back because we don't qualify for the tax credit. So it looks like we won't be getting the house after all. :(

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Tori :) said...

Oh Stacy. I'm sorry. Buying a house IS so frustrating and you feel like no one wants to help you at all. It sucks and is stressful. :( I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your family.

Steve and Chelle said...

WHAT! How is your debt to income ratio too high if you only have a car loan! I mean, unless your car cost $50,000, that doesn't make any sense!

stupid, dumb ol banks. dumb dumb stupid banks.

Karlita (means little Karla) said...

HUGS!!! I love ya stace. If anything you can live here with me. Then we both can loose our voices and go INSANE together. YAY!

Flee said...

don't give up yet! I'm sure you can get things figured out. I know what you mean about the 5% down, that's a lot of money. If I had the money, I'd help you out. I'm sorry.