Tuesday, December 9, 2008

But it's so fun!

My two year old and four year old have a fun winter game they like to play indoors. They chase each other around the house all day long. When the chaser catches the chasee,they punch the chasee. Then they switch so there is equal opportunity hitting. The game continues until..

A.Mommy catches and separates them.

B.Daddy yells three or four times and then finally grabs one child as they pass by daddy's computer chair.

C.One of them makes the other scream bloody murder and mom loses it,locks them in their room and eats some chocolate.

The End.

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Anonymous said...

Wait, that is the almost the same story in our house, only 6-8 years ahead of you... holy cow! that is such a coincidence!



Ann Marie said...

Did they teach this somewhere like on Sesame street? My kids have played it too..

nora.lakehurst said...

LOL Yeah did I miss that Sesame street episode. Man alive its really annoying. I almost wantto just lock them outside and let them freeze for a few min just to let them know that I am serious that I am going to loose it if they dont quit it.

Klin said...

Wow do I remember and NOT miss that game. I think #3 was the most often used.

Natalie said...

Gah...sounds like something my kids would do. Isn't being a mom fun??? LOL!

Jean Knee said...

I've heard that same story before only it starred my mischief making nephews

Lauren said...

Ah, kids these days.

No Cool Story said...

Yay, memories!

Steve and Chelle said...

hee hee, option 'c' would happen in our house . . . but oh WAIT! We don't have a room of their own to send them too. bummer! At least we're not homeless!!