Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Tag

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends..

1.Wrapping paper or gift bags? I like both.

2.Real tree or artificial? Artificial.

3.When do you put up the tree? The day before or the day after Thanksgiving.

4.When do you take the tree down? After New Year's Day.

5.Do you like Eggnog? Not only no,but heck no!

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Nintendo,who hoo!

7. Hardest person to buy for? I can't think of anyone specific.

8. Easiest person to buy for? Karla.

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes;it's a precious moments one I got from my sister. I would like to get a really nice one someday.

10.Mail or email Christmas cards? Mail.

11.Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I can't recall anything I didn't like...if it's a gift for me,I'm happy.

12.Favorite Christmas movie? I can't choose just one..I like Christmas Vacation for laughs,White Christmas for a classic,A Christmas Story for memories and How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the kid in me. (hmm, I don't think that answer was long enough)

13.When do you start shopping for Christmas? November.

14.Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? No.

15.Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? My mom's chip dip,YUM!

16.Lights on the tree? Of course!

17.Favorite Christmas song? "O Holy Night" by Martina McBride.

18.Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay home.

19.Can you name all Santa's reindeer? Yes;Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner,Blitzen and Rudolph. (While I was typing that I wanted to repeat Homer Simpson naming the reindeer.."Um Dasher, Dancer... Prancer... Nixon, Comet, Cupid... Donna Dixon?)

20.Angel on the tree top or Star? Neither;we have a purple ribbon.

21.Open presents Christmas Eve or morning? One on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas morning.

22.Most annoying thing about this time of year? Selfish-ness and inconsideration.

23.Favorite ornament? Silver snowflakes.

24.Favorite Christmas dinner? Ham,rolls and chips and dip.

25.Favorite Christmas drink? Pepsi. :-D

26.What do you want for Christmas this year? Midnight Sun..that won't happen though. :( I got a new camera last month,that is good enough for me.

27.What don't you want for Christmas this year? Same as Karla,weight gain. :(

28.What is something you have never done that you want to do for Christmas? A sleight ride would be way fun.

29.Who is the most likely to respond to this? Someone who wants to do it.

30.Who is least likely to respond? Someone who doesn't want to do it.

The End.

7 people love me:

Anonymous said...

I couldn't let 0 people love you... so I had to say I love #17, Martina's version of that is one of my favorites!

challenge for you on my blog if you want

Stacey said...

Hey,I'll take pity comments. ;)

Corilee said...

I really like to read people's responses to tags. I enjoy getting to know you better even if it is only an answer about egg nog.:)

nora.lakehurst said...

YAY for taggs you finally did it :D "you did it, you did it, vamacinos! You did it" I am not so sure on the spelling on the spanish part but do you know what that is from. Oh and my password right now is yappin LOL that is what I do best huh.

Ann Marie said...

I love to read Tags because I get to know my blogging buddies more...

Umm Weight gain??? Are you kidding?
I've never heard someone ask for that. Just curious.

I love chips and dip too..

Stacey said...

Actually weight gain is what I don't want. I have plenty of that. :P

Nancy Face said...

"Do you like Eggnog? Not only no, but heck no!"

I just KNEW we were friends! NO NOG!!! Tee hee! ;)