Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In honor of my blogiversary...

...which was last week but that is ok. So here are a bunch of questions all about me. I know some of you won't know very many of the answers,but guess anyway and be creative. :P The person with the most correct answers will get a prize. (a real prize,not the "prize" of knowing me..although I am pretty awesome)

1. What was my nickname when I was little?
2. When I was 4 years old,I got stitches on what part of my body?
3. When I was 3 years old,I stole something from the store..what was it?
4. True or False...When I was younger I was part of a dance group
5. What is my favorite restaurant? (sit down,not a fast food one)
Bonus Question: What is my favorite meal to order there?
6. What is my favorite color?
7. How many years have I been married?
Bonus: What day is my anniversary?
8. What was my most fave vacation ever?
9. How did Adam and I meet?
10. What are my 3 favorite stores?
11. What food do I hate?
12. What is my favorite fruit?
13. What job did I have when Adam was in college?
14. What is my favorite t.v. show? (current one)
15. What is my middle name?
16. True or False...In high school I was popular.
17. What day is my birthday?
18. True or False...I have been pregnant 8 times.
19. How many years are there between myself and my next oldest sibling?
20. True or false...I was born in Wyoming.

Good luck!

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nora.lakehurst said...

1. Tace
2. Forhead
3. Candy
4. true
5. Los Hermonos.
6. PURPLE!!!!
7. In April it will be 14 YEARS
8. Hawaii
9. In Weight lifting class.
10. Wally mart. target and Ross.
11. Salad. You cringe and gag at the thought of lettuce in your
mouth ;)
12. Strawberries.
13. Merry Maids.
14. Supernatural
15. Dawn
16. False
17. Aug. 23 1978
18. True
19. 15 I think
20. False
Oh I so hope I win. :D

Sunshine Girl said...

I thought you were popular in High School :D

Marcus1974 said...

Ok so I know the vast majority of these are not right but “whatever”

1. Mafioso
2. Eyeball
3. The Manager
4. True. You actually were the lead in the Russian Ballet
5. The Veggie Palace. Brussel Sprouts with Butterbean Chutney.
6. Puce
7. 13
7B. Not February 28th
8. Your trip to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota
9. Well you first met in weight lifting class but your really “met” because a friend of your liked Adam and two other guys and asked you to ask him out so she could see what he was like.
10. Saks, Tiffany’s, and Macey’s (case lot sales don’t you know)
11. Steak
12. Chocolate Budding Fruit (real fruit by the way)
13. Merry Maids
14. Antiques Roadshow
15. Dawn
16. Like Totally!!
17. April 1st
18. True
19. 42 (and I am not wrong about this. If you think I am just ask Adam)
20. So false. Everyone knows you were born on the back of a toboggan in the arctic while your father fought off ravenous penguins.

Marcus1974 said...

Number 12 should say Chocolate Pudding Fruit. Cause as anyone can tell you there is no such thing as a Chocolate Budding Fruit. Duh!!

Corilee said...

1. Cutsie ( I didn't have a clue until I read Karla's answers)(which BTW now makes me realize I don't have a chance so I'll just answer a few.)
6. purple (who could miss that one?)
7. 13?
10 Big Lots, Ikea, Dollar Store. (at least I didn't guess D.I. which was my favorite)
11. quiche
14 I don't remember what show it was but I know you watch it for 2 hours a day in the afternoon.)
16. If this was the question about whether you were popular in HS the answer should have been yes because you were such a knockout but was probably F because you were so quiet.
17. August 23 (I got this one right so I thought I'd put it in)
19. I thought it was something like 12 or 14 but I'll go with 12

No one can compete with Karla :(

Lubs, Mither

Corilee said...

BTW question 21 should have been "What are my all time favorite movies ?" to which I would have correctly answered "Twilight" and "Titanic"
(was I right?)

Tilly's Bowtique said...

Okay, okay, if DH can do it, I can :P
And yes, I've read everyone else's responses, but I have very short term memory and I'm not peeking now.

1- Tace
2- head
3- Chocolate
4- true
5- Los Hermanos - enchiladas (okay, that's actually my favorite :P)
6- Purple (mine too!)
7- 13 (says so in your 'about me')
8- Toe Jam concert in Boise, ID.
9- Oooh, in a Gym class thingy technically, right? But then you asked him on a date so your friend could check him out.
10- Big Lots, WalMart, Target
11- Tofu. Anyone who doesn't is crazy.
12- Watermelon
13- Must be Merry Maids, cause that's all I remember you doing, and I actually remember other people writing that too.
14- Wife Swap or whatever it's called.
15- Dawn
16- False -- you thought Adam was your ticket to popularity, rofl.
17- The day you were born, Duh!
18- True - unless it's been more
19- eleventeen and twenty-thirty. or a lot at least.
20- must be true -- Why else would you suggest such a thing!

Tilly's Bowtique said...

Okay, I promise I didn't peek at Karla's :P I just was looking at hers again and found a lot of similarities.
And I totally forgot about Hawaii! Gosh, that might have even been better than a fake band in Idaho.

ems said...

Okay, so I only actually knew about half of them. Since everyone else already wrote a bunch of answers and I saw them first, I didn't do it, because it wouldn't have been accurate. Oh well, I sure am glad that I do know a great person like you, even if I only know 50% about you. :) Thanks for being my friend and sister!

Kimberly Grisham said...

1. Buckethead, Bugs
2. Finger, you fell back on a chair and smashed your finger between the chair and the wall.. or something
3. Candy
4. True
5. Los Hermanos, combo meal #5, lol j/k I don't know
6. Purple
7. 13
8. Hawaii
9. High school weight lifting class
10. Walmart, Target, KMart? lol
11. Salad
12. Strawberries
13. Merry Maids
14. Going by how much I've seen it mentioned by you, Supernatural :)
15. Dawn
16. False (You'd probably say no, but I'm sure you had lots of good friends ;))
17. August 23
18. True
19. 15
20. False


Alright, so I cheated. I was on your page when I was talking to my mom and asked all of the questions about your 'youngin' life' :D

Stacey said...

*Gasp* Kim!!! Cheater,cheater,pumpkin eater!

So how many did you actually know?