Monday, March 23, 2009

Woo hoo!

Look what came to my house today..

I'm just a lil' bit happy about it. Now I have to wait for the kids to go to bed to watch all of the extra goodies.

P.S. I have Netflix now and I need some movie recommendations from everyone. I don't know what to rent. My queue has 1 movie in it..true story.

That is all.

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nora.lakehurst said...

Oh I have about BILLION I have watched. And am going to watch. I say WE got to get together at my house and watch that movie. :D YAY!!!

Steve and Chelle said...

um, in a few days/weeks I might need to borrow that since I was only able to get the one disc version. :(

Sunbum said...

Hm...I think I might be speechless. Or I just don't have anything to say. It's the same thing right?

Nancy Face said...

I bought the one disc version at Wal-Mart at midnight so that my darling daughters could have fun watching it right away. Then they got up and went to Target the next morning and bought the three disc version for just a dollar more!

I don't mind...that's how geezer moms do! And hey, they'll let me watch all the extra goodies on THEIR discs! ;)

Corilee said...

I borrowed one from Michelle and it was only one disc. When you get your extended version, will you let me borrow it?

Klin said...

Got mine. Hubs made us watch it Saturday night.

There's a THREE disc version?!!!! Mine is only two :(

I love Twilight. Put the kids to bed early.

No Cool Story said...

3 discs, huh. Good to know, i had no idea.
I have watched it too many times already :) (yeah, even though I wasn't too happy with it...but still) I'll love the extras I am sure.

I hope you have more than 1 movie in your queue by now. I have 4 at home and 78 in my queue. So get going girl.
One of them is "The Wingless Bird", I don't know how or why I put it in my queue but it was really good. It was a nice surprise.

Stacey said...

The 3 disc version is only available at Target. It's on sale for 17.99 right now. It comes with a free download of the movie and bonus features from iTunes.

Just sayin'. ;)

Flee said...

YAY for Twilight! I bought is at target the day it came out too! I got it there b/c they had the 3 disc special edition, which I love!!!