Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 14

~~Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.~~

Once again,I can't list just one.

Hawaii Five-0 - This is a great remake. Fast-paced and fun!

NCIS - This is probably my favorite. Great characters,fast moving plots and lots of humor. I have to finish last season and then I will be ready to catch up on this season.

Glee - This was one of my favorites last year so it saddens me to say that I'm disappointed with this season. I'm just not feeling it and most of the songs have been "meh".

Raising Hope - This is a really funny show! Even though every time I see Martha Plimpton,I think of the line,"I feel like I'm babysitting,except I'm not getting paid."

Community - Another great cast. They all play off of each other really well. Troy and Abed rule!

Supernatural - I was disappointed with the season premiere but the other episodes have been much better.

Blue Bloods - Yay for the return of Tom Selleck!! And Donnie Wahlberg is awesome on this show! (and I'm not just saying that because I loved NKOTB)

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Janelle said...

I just finished writing this post and scheduling it to post tomorrow :) Did you do the music post? I might have just not looked far enough down my blog list yet. Catching up late tonight.
I like the music from Glee, but a lot of the storyline, especially this season, has been off-putting to me. They're trying too hard to be edgy and provocative. I wish I could just watch clips of the songs. And you're right, they aren't as good as some of the earlier ones were either. I think they're just trying too hard and failing miserably. NCIS is one of my fav's too. Simply awesome!!!