Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 7

~~Day 7 – Your dream wedding.~~

I was married 15 years ago. Was it my dream wedding? It was because I married someone whom I loved very much and still love to this day. The only thing I would change is my reception. We had a bridal party line for the whole two hours. Two hours was a LONG time! If I could do it again,I would have a line for the first hour and dancing for the second hour.

9 years later,Adam and I were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. When I arrived at the temple,I saw my sister. She told me that I looked like a new bride. It brought such a warm feeling to my heart. (even though most new brides aren't usually 7 months pregnant with their second child.) ;)

My BIL,Dave and his wife Melissa bought us a wedding cake. My SIL, Emilee made us a wedding DVD. We had a luncheon afterward and everything was perfect.

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Super Happy Girl said...

Aww, I am late but happy anniversary :)