Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So I was making my bed this morning and Josh decided to help by handing me all of the pillows. So he hands me the king size one and he is squeezing it with both arms to hold it. I take it and put it on the bed and then I notice a ginormous spider on it. YUCKY! I'm glad Josh didn't grab the pillow by the other end,the spider could have crawled on him or fallen off only to disappear around my bed. *shudders* I have no idea how Josh grabbed the pillow and didn't disturb the spider. It was a close call. So I carried the pillow into the bathroom and knocked the spider into the toilet. My kids were laughing at it "swimming" because it's legs were going everywhere. I don't know what kind of spider it was but I have never seen one like that. I'm a very sensitive person about killing things except when it comes to spiders!! EWWWW! LOL

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Michelle said...

EWWWW!! I don't like spiders either. Especially hobos or the small really fast ones or the ones that jump. EWWW!! Sorry for the eventful morning. *hugs*