Friday, July 6, 2007

It's too hot!!

I know it's July and it's "supposed" to be hot but it's still so uncomfortable. I get really bad headaches in the heat and I have had about 3 in the last week. I'm very grateful that our apartment is so cool..we are freezing at night when we get into bed!

I drive by some of the older apartment buildings and I see their small air conditioners in the window and I feel for them. I remember living in apartments without any air conditioning and it's so miserable! It was hard to clean because I would get so hot and then I couldn't cool down. We used to open the windows at night so when the sprinklers came on,it would cool our house down a bit. At times like this,I think air conditioning should be mandatory in all apartments. I just hope we never have to go back to that!

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