Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where is the Orkin man?

I have killed 2 more spiders this past week! One was under my pillows (again) and the other was crawling on the couch next to me last night. EEEEEK! My IL's had someone come and spray less than a month ago so they are going to call them again. It's so weird because last year we had no spiders. The only ones I saw were dead ones. Maybe these are some kind of mutant spiders that can only be killed by getting squished,I don't know. There was also a huge potato bug on my floor today too,not to mention countless tiny beetles. Maybe the bugs and spiders have joined forces to take over my apartment in retalitation for the killing of their families last year.

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Kate said...

eewww ewww ewwww! I hate little buggies like that . . . kill them I say, kill them all! *mwahahaha*