Thursday, August 23, 2007

The big 3-0

Today is my 30th birthday. I was pretty disappointed that my hubby had to be out of town. All in all though,I had a nice day. I went to lunch with a SIL and then my other SIL (A.K.A. BFF) came over and made dinner and dessert since her hubby is out of town too. That helped to make my day better. I also got flowers and chocolates from my BIL (A.K.A hubby's boss) apologizing for taking my hubby away. Since he sent us to Hawaii and sent me chocolate,I guess I should forgive him. Although I may have to eat the whole box before I feel the stirrings of forgiveness in my heart.

So just for fun I decided to look up some celebs who turned 30 this year...

Orlando Bloom-my crush on him comes and goes,but I really like his smile. (yes I'm aware he's not smiling here,just go with it)

Shakira-do you know how difficlut it is to find a pic of her where she is not half dressed? Anyway I digress..I will just say my hips don't lie either,they are brutally honest.

Tom Welling-he's thinking about me breaks his heart that I'm taken.

Some others are Sarah Michelle Gellar,James Van der Beek,Jon Heder,Brittany Murphy,Milo Ventimiglia,Liv Tyler and John Mayer.

Oh and apparently if you were born in 1977 and are a female you have to wear skimpy clothes. I was not aware of that fact.

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Natalie said...

Happy Birthday you old lady! ;) I'll be 29 a month from today so I'm not far behind. Sorry your hubby was away. :(

Beth said...

Happy happy birthday, Stacey!!

I think that if you are as old as James Van Der Beek, you cannot be old. It seems like he will always be in high school, I think.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday you wonderful 30 year old!

This killed me "I will just say my hips don't lie either,they are brutally honest." ROFL!

The Wan Family said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe all of those people are 30! Especially Tom Welling. He just seems so young to me still! Not that 30 is old or anything... lol.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

It would be so flippin sweet to party with Napoleon Dynamite at a tandem 30th celebration! Jamiroquai music and everyone dining on tater tots from their pockets.....doesn't that sound fun?

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Dawn said...

LOL I just told my DH that Tom Welling and Shakira are 30 this year and he was like, no way! Kev's about 18 months from 30 and he's having a hard time with the idea...LOL

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a fabulous one!

Stacey said...

Elastic-I would be so ready to show off some of my sweet moves..and I would be rockin' the side ponytail.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!