Sunday, August 19, 2007

Get the wiggles out!!

Today was a crazy day at church! There were only 2 of the 5 primary leaders there and all of the kids were hyped up. I got to class late and I had to stop my lesson five times to shush the kids. Then we went to sharing time and they were pretty good. Then on to singing time and all of the kids were loud. It was pandemonium! No matter what the leaders did,the kids just kept talking and talking. (Josh was one of them..his teacher had to separate him and the other 2 boys in his class). I then realized that my class has sharing time next week. Hopefully the kids will be a little more sedate.

Now on to funnier things. I have a little boy is my class who is such a funny kid! I love to hear him say prayers because he uses a lot of big words,probably because his dad is in the bishopric. So one day while he was saying the prayer he said,"and please bless us that our primary will not be paralyzed by Satan" LOL! I was trying so hard not to laugh because he was very serious,but I thought that was so dang cute! :D

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Natalie said...

What a cute prayer!

Dawn said...

LOL, that's hilarious, paralyzed...LOL! I think we've given up on class presentations, LOL, we only have like 14 primary kids and never enough in any one class to get them to do it, LOL!