Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I've been reading some discussions about Sister Beck's talk in General Conference and all I can say is whoa! There are some very strong opinions on it. I didn't hear the talk so until I do I can't give an opinion. Go here and there to see the discussions.

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No Cool Story said...

I ♥ Stacey, but I have no love for FMHW. At all.
But you can like them :)

I did hear the talk. It never ever ocurred to me that anyone, anywhere, would have a problem with it.
Much less cried because of it. Or felt bad because of it or insulted or whatever.
Pretty shocking really.

Stacey said...

Thanks NCS,I *heart* you too.

I had never read FMHW until today,I just went to see what all the broohaha was about.

Did I say that right? Broohaha? Maybe Brewhahhah.

No Cool Story said...


OK good. I love you double now ;)

Dawn said...

I don't really understand the controversy...we're always being admonished to be better, in everything. Hardly anyone listens to conference and thinks "Oh yeah I've got all my bases covered. I'm good." I for sure don't...I usually sit with my head ducked thinking "oh yeah, I should hold better FHE's, do more in my calling, serve more, read my scriptures more, pray more, etc."

fMhLisa said...

I do believe it is actually "brou ha ha"

Rachel said...

Wow! Those are some strong opinions about something that wasn't meant to offend. I thought she talked about things that we've been told to do for years. I felt a little guilty about the housework stuff but that's just because I have seriously been slacking off and I know it. It wasn't because I don't believe that my children have a right to grow up in a clean home.