Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Zoo day!

So Friday my SIL and I took the kids to the zoo and we had a great time! The weather was perfect..it was overcast and cool so we were comfortable. The kids were fascinated by how much poop the elephants made. I'm glad they were educated on something of great importance.

Brayden saying "cha choo!"

Riding on the train.

Josh and Brady on the elephant's trunk. Periodically water sprayed out of it's nose and the kids thought it was hilarious.

Mama and baby.

"Ghost of the Bayou"

The kids pretending to be attacked by an alligator.

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Beth said...

Wow; so many adorable pictures! Love the one of the boys riding the elephant -- and of the kids being "attacked" by the alligator. Looks like fun!

No Cool Story said...

I love monkeys, awww.
I also love the riding the elephant picture. The zoo is so fun!

Natalie said...

Great pics! Glad to see you back online!

nora.lakehurst said...

YAY stacey posted something!!!!! I am so proud :(( good times. I am so glad that she is feeling good today. She had a pretty bad weekend. But we lub ya stace.

Annie said...

Congratulations on earning your I'm a good mommy, I've taken my kids to the zoo Merit Badge.

Other available badges are:

I survived a season of kids soccer.

Birthday party with 10+ friends.

Disneyland will earn you a badge and a sash.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Poop still fascinates me too.....

Dawn said...

Awesome zoo pictures! yep, keep up on that b6 and stuff so you don't feel bad!

The kids sure look big now!