Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things I like..and things I don't

Things I like -
~I've lost another 26 lbs are gone! Hasta lasagne!

~Adam and I have really decent credit scores now...which will make buying a house a lot easier. (when the time comes..hopefully in the next year)

~Date night this weekend,followed by GNO next weekend! I love having things to look forward to! (and yes,my girlfriend and I will more than likely see what?)

~Adam is finished with his classes! He officially graduates in June! WOOOOOOOOT!

~The mockingjay call is my new ringtone..and I love it!! but Josh hates it...he says it creeps him out. So,naturally Brianna turns up the sound on the computer and plays it over and over. I can't imagine where she gets that teasing streak from...I really can't.

Things I don't like -
~Savvy's identity might have been compromised during a security breach at the county health dept. Grrrrr...stupid hackers! I want to smack them,tie them to a chair and make them watch Fred: the show over and over again. Then they will know true torture.

~I woke up to the sounds of Savvy puking..while lying in my bed..after drinking a sippy cup of milk. *GAG*

~Freaking huge mutated black spiders just hanging out in my bathtub. NOT COOL. "Spider go down the hole! Buh bye spider."

~I've only worked out a few times in the last 2 weeks. Fail. (good news..Adam will be home so I can go to ZUMBA tonight)

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Nancy Face said...

Oh my goodness, the Things you Like are just great! Yay!

On the other hand, the Things You Don't Like are pretty awful! Yikes!

Ann Marie said...

Awesome weight loss!
Awesome about Adam graduating!
Awesome about your credit score!

The puking and spiders = Grody.

Sunshine Girl said...

Fred the movie is the truest form of torture, and it only lasted 10 minutes at my house, I can't imagine the whole movie... ugh...