Thursday, September 13, 2007

PPP-Black Friday Deals

The Christmas season is almost here again,which means it's time to start writing down your gift list! I love the holidays but I hate fighting the huge crowds and waiting in long lines. Thankfully I found out about a great website called They have Black Friday ads for a lot of different stores online. After you go to the website and type in your email address you will receive alerts when there are new Black Friday deals. That way you can have a lot of time to prepare your shopping list. They have deals for a lot of different stores like Wal-Mart,Target and Kohl's. I have three children so I'm definitely going to take advantage of the Toys R Us sales. At Toys R Us they have DVD's for as low as $4.99 plus some buy one,get one free deals! They also have some great deals for Best Buy which I know my hubby will appreciate. You can buy the complete seasons of Seinfeld,The Office or Smallville on DVD for only $9.99! Not to mention other DVD's for as low as $2.99!

I'm so excited because now I can buy things online without the hassle of getting up early and dealing with crowds. The site is so simple to use! If you're interested in saving time and money then this is the site for you!

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

Black Friday? Should we really be encouraging a separation based on nothing but color?